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  1. Didn't mean for my comments to be taken as bashing but have also asked for my posts to be removed so that it was taken that way only meant it as an opinion to discussions we were having. Again sorry it was taken that way but would really appreciate my info being removed.

    1. WOSgrad


      I have removed the thread

    2. Texas Rebel

      Texas Rebel

      Thank you sir and I again say sorry didn't mean it that way. This discussion has been brought to our SB and discussed with him directly but that is the way it is. Will do what I should have done in the beginning and just pray about it.

  2. Kirbyville 5 Evadale 4/FINAL

    Burford has said he was going to play this year. He has played baseball in the past but at JV....
  3. Coach L did have words with their coach but most was with the assistant coach because he started mouthing to the Evadale Players when they would be close to their bench. Coach L told him not to talk to his players that way and leave them along. Well, he didn’t and it escalated to a double technical,   
  4. Yes their coach stomped his feet, yelled, screamed, complained to and about everyone every time you turned around. He is an idiot when it comes to his actions. If I played for him I would have to dive for a ball out of bounds and take him out if he talked to me the way he was at his players.