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  1. U.S. Postal Service

    Sadly Both UPS and FedEx use the postal service to deliver packages for them. They make money by charging you to deliver and then paying the post office to deliver it for them!! Besides, what kind of business comes up with the idea that if you come to my office and pick up your stuff I charge you a yearly fee, but I will deliver it to you for free all year?  Pizza Hut and Dominos both figured out it costs more for delivery than take out, but the post office works backwards!
  2. 11-3A-I vs 12-3A-I

    Nah, about 3 years too late! With the current coaching situation in Coldspring I can't get butt hurt over losing! Would be the worst case of hemoroids ever heard of. Of course as I keep getting told, the talent just isn't there! It's a shame to blame the kids for the destructive nature of a superintendent! But what the heck, he moved on to another district. Been watching the Trojans for a long time. They sucked before Barbay got there, and they suck again after he left, but I guess he just had good timing and got the only good group of athletes to come through Coldspring. it is terrible to watch a talented group of kids work their butts off to get beat because you get out coached every week. Luckily the rest of the district is terrible enough so that we still make the playoffs. 
  3. 11-3A-I vs 12-3A-I

    I would say more like Coldspring didn't show up!
  4. Let's go Trojans!!
  5. Coldspring-Oakhurst 44 Kountze 8/FINAL

    44-8 Coldspring with 10:41 left in game
  6. Coldspring-Oakhurst 36 Trinity 7/FINAL

    Coldspring won, not Trinity
  7. Coldspring-Oakhurst at Kirbyville

    Coldspring has the athletes to compete and win this game. Kirbyville will play a good game, and do their thing. This game will depend on which coldspring team shows up. If they are prepared and play the way they are capable, Coldspring wins by 2 scores. If they come out flat and have a bust for a game plan, kirbyville will blow them out! Being a district game that could mean a lot this year in the final standings, Coldspring should be ready! Five time undefeated back to back district championships on the line!! Let's go Trojans!!
  8. Coldspring-Oakhurst 60 Warren 0/FINAL

    32 to 0  coldspring winning 3:39 second quarter
  9. 28-7 Crockett winning 7:24 left 4th quarter
  10. 11-3A D1 Week 3 Overview

    Right now it isn't looking good for Coldspring! Have a lot of stuff to figure out before district starts!
  11. This is not a rebuilding year for Coldspring. The talent is there. The size and speed are there. The experience at skill positions is there. Only one thing has changed in the last few years. But, the good news is that we don't even have a freshman football team this year, so the future is looking really bright!