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  1. 4A-D1 2018/19 SPORTS

    I'm sure he'll play both ways if its true.
  2. 4A-D1 2018/19 SPORTS

    I heard something earlier that Lumberton may have a big boy run the ball some next year.  Don't know if its true, just what I heard. 
  3. Lets keep it about sports! OK   I think with Lumberton moving down, it will give everyone in the district a new challenge. Even Lumberton!
  4. Sounds like they need to go out and recruit like the other private schools.
  5. 4A DI

    I'm pretty sure we have 1 or 2 that will play both ways.
  6. Cutoff Numbers

     I think Ozen stays up in 5-A  
  7. Realignment

    Lumberton had a young team this year, only loosing 7 or 8 starters all together. They should have a few 3 year starters and quite of few 2 year starters next year. With that and hard work they should do well in 4a-D1. 
  8. Nederland @ Lumberton

    Josh is going to be missed believe me.
  9. Realignment

    That wont be good for the program.
  10. Realignment

  11. Realignment

    Yep! I saw somewhere their number was 1121 and projected number 1125 so it should be close to that
  12. Lumberton @ Ozen

    Well I think Lumberton should be good tonight.
  13. Realignment

    Lumberton is at 1125