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  1. Lumberton vs Houston Wheatley

    Well its game day form the Raiders. I hope they are ready to play football this week.
  2. SETXsports Pick 'em - Bi-District

    Don't feel bad, no Lumberton either. lol

    Yeah, their won't be any running outside. LOL

    How is that?

    The way the weather looks its going to be a muddy mess.
  6. 11 - 4A - D1 Playoff Situation

    That's what I thought
  7. 11 - 4A - D1 Playoff Situation

    That's where I'm getting it from.
  8. 11 - 4A - D1 Playoff Situation

    If I'm reading it correctly, If the #1 seed wins and the #2 seed wins they play each other in the second round?
  9. A prediction that close could go either way
  10. Not tooting any horn. He does take a play off here and there,  you would too if you played both ways and weighed that much. I know I would. And yes his primary position is D-Line, but he has had 9 offensive Td's and 1 defensive Td. 
  11. Just from watching a little film, Splendora's big 225lb running back doesn't like to get hit. Lumberton's 260lb running back likes to run ppl over if they get in his way. I think it should be a good game.
  12. I think in the Huffman game Lumberton's defensive line could have played a lot better and not given Huffman's QB  time to throw the ball. If the D - line plays like they have in the last 2 games, Splendora may score but not as much as you think. JMO
  13. 11 - 4A - D1 Playoff Situation

    Who would 1st draw in the second round?
  14. Lumberton @ BC

    I don't see BC running on our front 7.
  15. Huffman @ Splendora

    That's what Lumberton did, power run.