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  1. Friday State Championship Games

    LH needs a little work on covering kickoffs. 
  2. Friday State Championship Games

    Yes and good overall defensive speed always helps. LH has had some missed opportunities. The dropped pass on the fake punt and fumble at the LV 16 come to mind 
  3. Friday State Championship Games

    I agree. I was expecting more from LH. Surprised they did not try to get outside or pitch more in the first half.   
  4. Friday State Championship Games

    Could be that La Vega is familiar with defending the Slot T while Carthage was not. LH and LV were in same district for a while. 
  5. Friday State Championship Games

    Vidor runs Slot-T. More misdirection and deception than straight Wing T
  6. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Thanks for the updates Boneyard. First rate as usual!  Appreciate it. 
  7. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Sounds good to me!
  8. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Run clock run!
  9. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Six weeks ago nobody would’ve  believed that. 
  10. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Agreed. Just have to play defense. Dayton can score quickly. 
  11. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Looks like letting Nunez play some defense paid off
  12. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Looks like my prediction of a high scoring game depends on a scoring outburst in the second half.
  13. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Has become a really bad habit.
  14. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Soph QB?
  15. Dayton at Vidor

    Probably a high scoring close game, like last week.  (Field condition could be a limiting factor though).