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  1. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Thanks for the updates Boneyard. First rate as usual!  Appreciate it. 
  2. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Sounds good to me!
  3. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Run clock run!
  4. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Six weeks ago nobody would’ve  believed that. 
  5. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Agreed. Just have to play defense. Dayton can score quickly. 
  6. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Looks like letting Nunez play some defense paid off
  7. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Looks like my prediction of a high scoring game depends on a scoring outburst in the second half.
  8. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Has become a really bad habit.
  9. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Soph QB?
  10. Dayton at Vidor

    Probably a high scoring close game, like last week.  (Field condition could be a limiting factor though).
  11. Dayton at Vidor

    As far as I know,  the soph. will play again this week.  
  12. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    According to the program, Pirates started the season with 42 varsity players.   Would have to do a sideline count to see how many remain.
  13. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    Missed the game, but read all the posts in this thread.  (Thanks Boneyard for your coverage!)   A couple of posts referenced injuries and how at this time of year all teams have them.  Agreed, all teams have them, but how  injury affects a team is primarily determined by that teams depth, and to an extent, what position(s) are affected.   When you have enough depth, you can plug another player in and although he may not be as good as the sidelined starter, (or he'd likely be starting), there is not a drastic drop off in production.   On the other hand, when you have to bring players up from the JV, including quarterback, just to have players familiar with the positions you are asking them to  play, you may have a depth problem.   Not to mention how many are walking wounded and those already going both ways.  Don't take this as an excuse by any means,  it's just what has happened  this year injury wise to a Pirate team that didn't have a lot of numbers to begin with.   
  14. Vidor @ Baytown Lee

    I believe some parents are steering their kids toward other sports due to concussion concerns and other injuries with long lasting effects.   Different attitudes about football in that respect than a few years ago.  Enrollment numbers are dropping and it wouldn’t surprise me if we’re at 4A D1 numbers in a couple of realignment cycles      
  15. Vidor @ Baytown Lee

    Beefing up the defense with players coming over from the offense.  Injuries and lack of depth has caught up with this team.