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  1. Stephenville 5 Lumberton 1/FINAL

    Stephenville beats Liberty Hill 2 -0 to win their second state championship 
  2. Palestine Boys 10 Henderson 0/FINAL

    San Elizario 3 championships the past 5 years. Playing some elite soccer out in El Paso
  3. Stephenville 5 Lumberton 1/FINAL

    Stephenville must be really good
  4. Fulshear 1 Lumberton Boys 0/FINAL

    Very nice run Raiders!!
  5. Pflugerville 3 Nederland Girls 0/FINAL

    Great season Lady Bulldogs!
  6. Area teams did great tonight
  7. Come on injuns!!
  8. Lumberton Boys 2 Mexia 0/FINAL

    Both Lumberton teams getting it done
  9. Lumberton Girls 5 Gatesville 0/FINAL

    Wow! Nice result Lady Raiders
  10. State Championships Update Thread

    Wow! This looks too easy for Carthage..making Kennedale look average at best
  11. Can catch it on channel 319 if you have spectrum cable
  12. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    I know the players and coaches are working their tails off this week in preparation for this game. Any vibes on how practices have been this week?
  13. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    Been a few years..Life gets busy.   Anyway, this Pleasant Grove fan base is sure confident they are going to be able to show WOS something new. Example: this poster talks if putting 5 touchdowns on the Mustangs   Wow, 13 pages and I'm just now getting to put in my 2 cents... I think our biggest advantage is our game plan, coaching, and how coachable our Hawks are. They have the athleticism, brains, and drive to come out on top. We are healthy, smart, and prepared for the Hawks to put on a show.  PG 35 WOS 18
  14. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    Checked PG out on some YouTube highlights. Solid coached football club that relies on execution. They have a big line and have some nifty backs. Occasionally will run a pass play just to keep defense honest. Lots of misdirection plays. Gilmer put some points on them but couldn't stop them. I look for the Mustangs to sell out on the run on first down and put them in some long yardage situations. I believe the Stangs will be up for the challenge