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  1. OF by a huge margin 32 and 40 for OF will carry the bobcats to a victory OF 48 BC 14
  2. I’m taking HF in this game, the HF QB has been playing like a stud truly like a LB playing the QB position HF 28 silsbee 20
  3. True but considering the score last year was within 5 points and Buna did not have their starting QB I’m thinking it will be a different game this year.
  4. Considering Buna played EC very well and scored 28 points on them I see Buna coming away with the victory in this one. Anahuac only put up 10 points on the bucs. If Buna can put together a solid 4 quarter game I see them walking away with a hard fought victory.
  5. Who y’all got?? I got Buna the underdog win is in effect!!! 45-36
  6. Buna by 35 if they play like they have shown in a couple of quarters in a couple of games. It could easily go both ways though.
  7. The game where one team is getting their first win of the season, who ya got?
  8. This has the potential to be a good matchup. If Buna can throw the ball and catch it and get their O-line to block and be disciplined on defense it could be a good game. Woodville does have a lot of speed and overall seem more athletic than the cougars. Anxious to see the final score on this one considering Buna has not scored in 3 games
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