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  1. Would it really be a "shocker of the year" for the defending district champs to win this game?
  2. Splendora by 3 touchdowns. I expect each team to throw a few picks a piece. Game is gonna have to be won on the ground. Splendora "D" holds strong in this one and stops the Falcons!!!!
  3. I wouldn't say the growth has benefited Splendora much. I think the key to their success last year was a good senior class and those big tailbacks they had. Unless those were move ins, how has the growth benefited them? If anything it's going to hurt them when re-alignment comes back around. Possibly bumping back up to 5a would not be good for the Wildcats. Liberty and Splendora both need this win to get the train on the tracks for the rest of the season. Should be a good game like last year. Good luck Wildcats!!!
  4. I think Splendora will be down this season. They lost a few key pieces from the 10-2 season. Im saying 5-5 at best and should not be in the top 10. And yes, I was at the Crosby and Diboll scrimmage.
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