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  1. AggiesAreWe- Aggies don’t act like that! Loosen up have a lil fun, unless ur son team ain’t doing so good.
  2. PA SR 18 PNG 2 but website says something different! 😈 #noted
  3. Look like your talking to yourself @thaghost these guys are no fun anymore....
  4. Sorry it took me so long to reply. But what's running up the score? the rules states take your starting back field out correct? Well how bout this all the starters was out, ran the same play "twice" they tackle the first time the second times 3 kids missed the tackle. My idea is instead of crying practiced tackling and you guys wont feel the score is being ran up.
  5. Yes I do feel that’s the reason! The league is watered down, you can’t teach and really compete due to the rules in place! Hey you can’t score here/ he’s too big all BS rules that’s NOT football. Than you speak ur mind and hey you have to watch how you talk on here.
  6. Who are the picks to win it all? Small school/ Big school from flag to SR.... pick wise lol
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