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  1. 3:00 left, Huffman has the ball on the Lumberton 12 yard line. Lumberton burnt all their TO’s. Two of them on an extra point attempt.
  2. Yes. 14-6. Lumberton scores first and went for 2. Didn’t work. They had a horrible false start penalty on 4th and 3 that forced them to punt. This offense can’t compete if they keep having errors two TD passes for Huffman. Lumberton is converting almost all their 3rd and 3-4’s and just eating clock. Their offense is going to have a tough time catching up if they don’t break something loose. huffman recovered one fumble at 2 minutes left in half and then marched down the field and scored.
  3. Crosby DB’s are teeing off. They are playing with an extra DB because they just don’t need it in the box to get pressure.
  4. Worst offensive line play I have ever seen in a HS team. that’s not on the kids. they don’t know how to use their hands.
  5. Ugh. Crosby runs back the punt for a TD but....penalty. in HS, a kid can’t blindside another kid on returns. Even legal shoulder contact. I haven’t seen any team get away with those type of “head on a swivel” blocks. that’s seems different this year.
  6. Dropped pass for Dayton. punt team is up.
  7. Ugh. Then penalty - toss fumble. They fell on it.
  8. Dayton is trying to march. Got a couple first downs. playing a little more disciplined. kids are exhausted. 44-0 Crosby at the start of the 4th
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