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  1. Indians that bad? Haven't been keeping up much
  2. Nederland was due for an upgrade. Looks very nice
  3. Possibly. He was in on the Southlake job when they hired dodge.
  4. Very good hire for Lee. I personally think Heritage is the better job, but I'm sure he has his reasons. Willis will do well there
  5. Cuero's Travis Reeve to New Caney
  6. What's the word at New Caney? Read some coordinators and a current East Texas head coach are being brought in for interviews.
  7. Who is New Caney hiring? Texas Football says some coordinators and a current east texas head coach are being brought in to interview
  8. They reason they cancelled is because the Denton Ryan DC backed out. He is now #3 to do so. #4 if you count Briles who a lot say was never really offered it
  9. I saw that WOS has a couple varisty football jobs, 9th grade and middle school open. Where did they go?
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