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  1. Part of it is they are feeding off the success of Adams and McCain, now that they aren't there, they have to play their role, but it they just wanted the limelight, not to work.
  2. What district do you think has to do the most driving the next two years?
  3. If briscoe wasn't "competition" then Gilder won't be.
  4. Silsbee doesn't have the pass game to get back in this one.
  5. I'm going with Silsbee by 10. close game, but Silsbee always seems to wear down opponents in the 4th quarter. It'd be interesting to see 4th quarter splits.
  6. On another topic: how's Silsbee's defense looking this week? Any injured players coming back?
  7. he blocked an extra point and returned it all the way for 2 points
  8. That would be like saying Cartwright is the best wr to ever have at Silsbee because he got further than Mackey or Barnes. Ludacris.
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