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  1. What 14.2 said made a lot of sense. Without a significant run game and no mobile QB this game could turnout to be a lot like the Dayton game.
  2. For whatever reason Crosby plays best with that chip. I hope they stay underrated.
  3. Dayton just can't get right. Idk what it is but they just can't. 42-21 PNG.
  4. Yeah pretty much. I'm wondering if we will be able to get as much penetratation against BH's offensive line as we had against others. BH looks pretty solid up front. On the other hand I also look to see some jail break screens from BH against all the blitzing that Crosby does.
  5. IMHO BH doesn't have the athletes at WR/DB or RB to hang with Crosby. I think it will be competitive early but Crosby makes 2-3 more plays than BH and win by 14-21.
  6. RB from Dayton is a gamer. He's just not getting any help from the rest of the squad. Hopefully they can keep this same energy in BH
  7. 22-8 Crosby when I left at 1:20 to go. Penalties hurt both teams. Dayton had two inside the 10 before half. One of which negated a TD. Crosby had 3 fifteen yard penalties in the third all of em on 3rd down with Dayton behind the sticks. A face mask, PI, and a unnecessary roughness hit out of bounds. Which lead to a Dayton TD.
  8. Watched the Fr. grade game and Dayton does have some good players on that team. Heard that they moved 3 of them up to varsity. If that's the case they will definitely be dangerous in years to come.
  9. I wouldn't overlook anyone in the district at this point. Dayton is gonna come to play unless they get down big early.
  10. Dave Campbell just moved Nederland in to the top 10.
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