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  1. I believe Jones will be moved to LB. Cyrin is the future at QB. Offensive line should be fine strahan is coming back and I hear there’s another 300 pounder coming up. Womack not as fast a Wilson but possibly more dynamic after the catch. Another year on the weights is all he needs. Look for Kirkwood to explode next year. I’m thinking a running back will emerge they always do. I trust Prieto to get the most out of the guys he has. Went to state with only one D1 prospect and no all state kids in his second year not to mention Covid
  2. Especially since Reggie would have to cut those luxurious dreadlocks that are frowned upon at BH.
  3. Crosby’s keys to victory are the same as Aledo’s. Rely on your preparation and above all PLAY FOOTBALL! Its just another football game. Aledo coaches and players won’t be talking about Crosby’s record and history it will be just another opponent just another game. Crosby has to play the same way. If they come in thinking they’re at At&T stadium playing against an elite program for a state title they will be beat before they get off the bus. Approach it just like the last 4 games play hard and the scoreboard will take care of itself.
  4. IMHO. This is Crosby's game to lose. (Before yall get crazy)I was right about TH I was right about Huntsville and Marshall. If Crosby defense plays like they have played the entire playoffs this game could be a blowout. Pioneer almost beat LH with the worst defense I've seen played all year. Watched the game live and then re-watched (I get bored at work) kids made the wrong read and then gave up on the play defensively. However this is deep playoff football and heart and determination cannot be measured.Crosby cannot take LH lightly. Crosby's defense has to break LH spirit early . Pla
  5. Going to be interesting. All Pioneer needed was a couple of stops. I'm all but sure we have better athletes on D than Pioneer. But the game still has to be played. Can't lie I like being the underdog.
  6. I think our D will be able to get the necessary stops. I don't however think LH will.
  7. Liberty Hill is a bigger stronger faster version of Vidor.
  8. Dunn is a competitor. Thats why he was on the field. He thrives in the moment. Last year against FB Hightower in bball he scored 30+ points, the most all year, in a loss. He just would not give up. He's a big part of the reason the team is where they are. Hard not to follow a leader with that type of mentality and talent to match.....IMHO
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