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  1. Gotta give LH their credit and take back my comments about Prieto. LH defense was for real did a damn good job against that explosive offense from SOC. Congrats to both teams on great season.
  2. Should have just run Fontenot. The read option doesn’t work if the defense doesn’t think the RB is a threat.
  3. Everyone knew it was coming. All LH had to do was double cover him and spy Myles
  4. Probably not. Who knows tho. There’s definitely some football players over there
  5. Don’t let em troll you. Because we will also kick their arse in bball.
  6. It’s next man up. You don’t just abandon a whole part of your game because of an injury. 2 snaps to your RB against that little bitty front 7 was unacceptable.
  7. Idk why we couldn’t run a HB dive in the first half of the game. QB draw after QB draw . Prieto made the offense super predictable tonight. I still think he’s the best coach to ever do it at Crosby. But he dropped the ball tonight and forgot the rule of KISS
  8. Can’t wait to hear that story. I moved away from the area during his High school days
  9. Are you saying that BH should consult Crosby before spending a fortune on coaches? Jk jk
  10. Agree. The front 7 does look a little more stout.
  11. I could be wrong but LH Slot-T looks a lil bit more predictable this year. Maybe the false start penalties made them run it a lil slower against AH. #21 seems to be the guy for them this year. Just from the one game I watched I think last years team was better across the board. Still got to stop the Slot-T tho. AH had experience with Slot-T teams and still couldn't get the job done.
  12. Didn't matter which back it was we KO'D the starter and the backup did the same. Any back worth their salt would've had success with that line
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