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  1. who pissed BH off????? 66, never took pedal off the ga. s
  2. MBG, you say you never seen PNG take an L at the rez. Its actually a beautiful sight seeing that flock of purple vacate in the middle of the 3rd quarter.. please don't blast me, I mean no harm...
  3. you know if Jasper happens to win, they will shutdown the thread/website down with all these I told you so's. Jasper is practically invisible. Tight lips j/s
  4. If my memory serves me right, the official reason for Crosby refusing to play Vidor was the travel budget didn't allow for two trips to the golden triangle, as they had already booked PNG.. At least this is what i was told... Take it or leave it...
  5. the sad part about the reputation is you stand a better chance of being victimized in Beaumont, Orange, Port Arthur....
  6. how many times has LCM beat WOS?????
  7. can anybody local clarify. I thought I had heard that Vidor Schools was taken care of the streaming?????
  8. congrats Carthage, making east Texas proud....Crosby who, olé yea CROSBY CRICKETS...
  9. speaking of center, word is, it will be open here shortly. HC/AD
  10. Coming out of Vidor is not a good sign😂 At least they will be able to smoke LCM ARSE j/s
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