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  1. Seems the play calling after the Crosby game, went way to conservative, just opinion didn't attend any games just kept up with the updates.. All in all kids were in every game played well, proud of them....
  2. That guy has to be one of the classiest college football player. Young guy is going to go a long way. Lots of respect....
  3. Far from a snowflake. I am talking all kids, you moron. These are young men giving all they got, so you can set in the stands and critique them. Like I said they deserve better. I root and live in east Texas town of Carthage, you may have heard of them are not. But just a reminder they beat Gilmer last week...
  4. 14,2 You ought to be ashamed. Kids deserve better...
  5. 14.2 You don"t deserve to whatch these kids play. You are without a doubt very horrible individual I have ever followed. These kids work their tails off, for us fans to whatch. And for you to comment like you.. Good riddance, don"t come back...…. Mod edit. Watch with the namecalling
  6. pineywoods has pork rinds on the table, tell first time there and get free small onion rings homemade.. located on hwy 96 in front of Americas best value hotel.....
  7. BBQ joint or Pineywoods Seafood in center 20 plus years in business..
  8. how did the new field hold up??????????
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