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Fact is we lost 5 kids that will be playing college ball this year and won 4 games. Not D1 players but very few kids even get to play small college ball. Our best receiver from last year will be at UH on a long jump scholarship. Dayton underachieved last year with below average coaching. Dayton will be young this year and not as talented athletically as last year. I do like the rb a lot but if he gets hurt the talent level goes way down at that position. Same at qb I like the Nail kid but he will be running for his life most games and if he gets hurt Dayton will struggle to beat anyone. Very little depth at all on this team. I think 500 would be overachieving considering the district and coaching but I always wish the best for the kids.

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On 8/1/2017 at 5:12 PM, Cougar14.2 said:

I didn't say Dayton wasn't growing, I said it's not growing as fast as the surrounding areas they have to compete with which is moving them down the ladder in district talent rankings. We're at the point now where Porter and New Caney are producing 4-star dbs. The game has changed. 

Building a bunch of houses is fine but you better have a bunch of millennials with young children moving in to fill them instead of older people moving out there that just want more property. It's a hard sell for a set of 30-40 year old parents with young kids to pass Crosby, Barbers Hill, Baytown, Atascocita, the newer Sheldon area and even Huffman to come to Dayton which has less to offer and is most likely a tougher commute to work.

Compare that with the rapidly growing tax bases of the schools I just named and you can see why what used to be little 'ole New Caney probably has the nicest stadium in Houston for the moment, it's why BH can overpay to pull away a state championship coach from a cushy job and the reason Crosby's stadium has all the bells and whistles to go with the nicest baseball/softball complex in the state. None of that stuff meant squat 10-15 years ago, but now if you don't have it it matters a lot.   


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29 minutes ago, Justafan1979 said:

Guess Bronco94 is still trying to get his foot out of his mouth................

Why would his foot be in his mouth?

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