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wo-s @newton oct 3rd

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    • Minority jail sentences
      Someone needs to tell the masses that if a black man gets his wife on at the same company, that is "Black Privilege".
    • Minority jail sentences
      Maybe if you are talking about the privilege to hire lawyers instead of relying on court appointed ones. 
    • First Presidential Debate Tonight
      Trump says allies don’t pay ‘what they should’ for troop presence. Not quite. By CONNOR O’BRIEN   09/26/16 11:04 PM EDT While Trump is correct in that the U.S. does fund the stationing of troops throughout the world via its defense budget, key U.S. allies do share the budgetary load in exchange for the security benefits of hosting a U.S. military presence. Japan allocated $1.7 billion this year “in direct support” for U.S. bases, and pays more than 90 percent “of the cost of the 25,500 Japanese nationals working at the bases.” South Korea, meanwhile, paid $866.6 million — about 40 percent — in 2014 to host the U.S. military, according to the Wall Street Journal. Proponents of stationing troops in Asia and elsewhere also argue that spending on the U.S. military presence is an investment by helping to avert conflicts that could be far more costly in the 

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    • SETXsports Pick 'em - Week 6
      1.    Port Arthur Memorial 2.    Woodville 3.    Nueces Canyon 4.    Beaumont West Brook 5.    Humble Summer Creek 6.    Barbers Hill 7.    Beaumont Central 8.    Vidor 9.    Port Neches-Groves 10.  Coldspring-Oakhurst 11.  Pasadena First Baptist 12.  Silsbee 13.  Huffman Hargrave 14.  Jasper 15.  West Orange-Stark 16.  Orangefield 17.  Shepherd 18.  Liberty 19.  Atlanta 20.   Houston St. Pius X 21.   Hamshire-Fannett 22.   Orange Community Christian 23.   Conroe Oak Ridge 24.   The Woodlands 25.   Atascocita
    • Crosby Where you at?
      Some of them are over in the Nederland vs. PAM thread! It is easier to talk crap on other people!
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