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  1. SA up 6-0 at the half 
  2. Hull-Diasetta 36 Kountze 0/FINAL

    HD Bobcats - 36 Kountzs Lions - 0 Final    
  3. Hull-Diasetta 36 Kountze 0/FINAL

    Bobcats - 22 Lions - 0 :55 til half 
  4. Hull-Diasetta 36 Kountze 0/FINAL

    16-0 HD 1:40 in 2nd
  5. You must not have been at the same scrimmage i was at. Evadale did score the only TD in the live action on a long TD pass but in the controlled portion HD dominated both sides of the ball. Evadale finished with about 60 positive yards on 25+ plays. Good win for the Rebs over the Pirates tho for sure. After last week against Cushing I’m not sure what to think about HD. 6 turnovers in a half pretty much seals your fate but they were outplayed by a less talented team. Kountze will be a decent measuring stick for district. Good luck to y’all 
  6. Wasn’t really impressed with Evadale at the HD scrimmage. The Rebs aren’t on the level that they were the last few years with the solid teams they’ve fielded recently in my opinion.  I say DV by 6. If I’m wrong then that’s a good thing for HD going into district play as well as playing Kountze next week because they manhandled the Rebels a few weeks ago. Should be a good game and good luck to both teams. 
  7. Hull-Daisetta 50 Sabine Pass 0/FINAL

    Prayers for a Shark player who’s being carted off and leaving by ambulance. Took a big hit on a punt return by Whiddon.  ;(
  8. Hull-Daisetta 50 Sabine Pass 0/FINAL

    My bad When are they gonna get off the gas pedal? Even a running clock the whole second half isn’t gonna be pretty. 
  9. Hull-Daisetta 50 Sabine Pass 0/FINAL

    Morgan Price blocks a punt and recovers it in the end zone for the score. Fraunberger with 2pt conversation   44-0 Bobcats  7:51 in 2nd
  10. Hull-Daisetta 50 Sabine Pass 0/FINAL

    Jeeez this is horrible...  
  11. Hull-Daisetta 50 Sabine Pass 0/FINAL

    Sharks punt on 4th and 15. Another 3 and out.    Hayden Whiddon with a 66 yard punt return for a TD.  Bobcats - 28 Sharks - 0 late 1st qtr
  12. Hull-Daisetta 50 Sabine Pass 0/FINAL

    BJ Peterson with a 45 yard TD run. I dont think HD has enough backups to keep this under control. SP has negative total yardage after three possessions     Bobcats - 20 Sharks - 0 3:21 1st qtr 
  13. Hull-Daisetta 34 West Hardin 0/FINAL

    BJ scored 4 TDs. 3 rushing and a long run after the catch TD reception. He was a man among boys tonight. Terrick had one rushing TD and ran tough between the tackles all night. Both were lights out on defense too. HD is legit this year. 
  14. Hull-Daisetta 34 West Hardin 0/FINAL

    HD called off the dogs.    Bobcats - 34 Oilers -0 Final