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  1. Does anybody have the List of 23-3A All District Baseball Team? WarrenKirbyvilleBunaAnahuacHardinEast ChambersKountze
  2. These Kids will be Back!!! The end result is very Misleading, the Kids are all around Better Athletes, Better Young Men & Better Teammates.  These KIDS made a Total Transformation in 1 year and it was obvious to the People who Witnessed the Before & After!!
  3. Kirbyville

    Baseball can't come soon enough!!! With all that Talent coming back it's gonna be a fun year.
  4. Kirbyville

    Well this week vs Buna looks like the new game plan is to run the Buna offense. Kids have lost all confidence in this AD/Coach many (8 or 9) have said they will not play for him next year willing to sit out senior year. 
  5. Buna vs Kirbyville

    Buna 35 K-ville 14
  6. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    IDK JV record I do know it's better than Varsity which means nothing. There is 4-5 kids on JV that could Help & 1 that could start both ways. None of them kids have parents on Board, parents that are teachers or go to the right church.
  7. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    I record and watch every game with the kids. It don't take long to see what's going on and what's not. They watch film to with the kids, but most the kids on cell phones and the 2 Coaches arguing over what the other teams running. Not a lot of leadership to me. If kid blows a play call him out on it right? Not here they get attaboy doing good job. As far as schemes in all but 2 games, down with timeouts before half  "oh let it run down we good" really? I will keep from saying kids names, but will say it's sad when kids ask coach for PT and don't even get a response back. Film don't lie if I can see it, they should see it. JV has kid that's huge and could really help them, but he don't have right last name.  Coach should've seen what talent he had during summer practice and build on it, but most kids called them practices a joke and worked out after them. This guy don't get the talent out of the kids real simple.
  8. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    The talent @ Kirbyville is not playing where they could help, their on the sidelines or on JV.  Talent without a plan is nothing. Kountze had less talent, but a good plan and made it a game. Talent alone we lose one game this year to Woodville. Coach has no clue!! How long does it take to find talent? How many practices? At some point you don't play cover 2 when they running down your throat all game or try QB sneak ever other play. I could live with it if there was "NO TALENT" but trust me that ain't it bro.
  9. Kirbyville

    Without Conditioning & Tackling at practice and already has plans next year to schedule 2A schools for the preseason.  He's just not up for the big dogs of 3A. The Philosophy of play weaker teams to get better is for the "guy who just got dumped and doesn't really got the confidence so he asks the ugly girl to prom" so heartbreaking always "what could've been".
  10. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    Incompetent coaching AGREED, but will he get another year?  
  11. Kirbyville @ Trinity

  12. Kirbyville

    They did run a few sprints without the pads a few weeks ago. That was 1st time all year.