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  1. KP 3 BH 2 Final Crosby 5 Porter 1 Final Splendora 4 Dayton 1 Final Wow, this district is going to be crazy good.  Who knows who will be on top at the end of the season.
  2. Who can make a deep run?

    Expectations in Lady Broncos land are & should be very high this year.  Team just lost 1 Sr. who was a 4 yr starter.  Team is loaded & will be the team to beat.  Can they break the BH curse this year?  Guess we'll see....these are my top 4. 1 Dayton 2 BH 3 Splendora 4 Crosby
  3. UCLA Lisa Fernandez Suspension

    Was really embarrassing for the NCAA when it came to a few of those umpires.  The one that ejected Fernandez had been atrocious throughout the tournament.  She did however make the right call on that particular play in my opinion.
  4. Question ?

    No different than the illegal pitch scenario. Every ump has their own interpretation.
  5. UCLA Lisa Fernandez Suspension

    The obstruction call a few games before this was the right call.  The call Fernandez was arguing was without a doubt NOT an obstruction.  Catcher was in the act of catching the ball that carried her momentum into the runner & actually surprised she didn't seriously injure her arm.  Fernandez was more than likely upset at the ump from previous calls/no calls through out the game.  That particular umpire was horrific behind the plate all game but made the right no call on the obstruction.
  6. Congrats to the Willis Wildcats on advancing to the State Championship game against Canyon. Awesome job!  
  7. Wow awesome.  Would have loved to of been there.  Congrats Lady Eagles on a great season. Go win it Willis.
  8. That's why it's a series.  BH will be fine.
  9. Nice win for Willis.  That GS just knocks the wind out of any team.
  10. When you hit the 4th rd teams start to match up a little better, sounds like it could have gone either way.  No need to hang your head KP you ladies represented 21-5A very well. Congrats on a great season.