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  1. Crosby Qb

    Sucks.   I saw a documentary about the increase in knee ligament tears. The interviewed a doctor that felt he could watch a player and predict if they would tear or not.  He had some data to back it up.  It also showcased a player (basketball) that had torn both of his and played through it.  No pain, no loss of movement.  He just basically didn't need them.  I am sure he is one out of a billion but everybody is different. Hell, I sleep awkward and my neck goes to crap.  Getting so old even the pillow kicks my butt. (stolen quote, don't remember where)
  2. Crosby V. PNG

    Vidor - All they do is run.  And they are are pretty good at it.  Run defense is still better than last year. Manvel - Manvel has some beast RB's.  They also are going to put up some yards against any team in the state.  Last years defense would have gave up more. This is where stats matter but don't matter (but matter).  At least 150-200 yards, per game, was given up in those weird, sleepy things called 1st quarters.  So....Stats don't matter. (Now watch me prove myself wrong)  A good run defense doesn't give up that many yards in the first quarter.  Rushing-yards-against certainly matter..... However....when it was on the line, the defense was stepping up, stopping the run, tackling well in the secondary.     This is not a "Great" defense.  This is a "Good" defense.  Last year was a "Bad" defense.   I will stand by "they are way better" than last year but keep giving up that many yards on the ground and Crosby will be talking about next year's defense in about 6 weeks. 
  3. Crosby V. PNG

  4. Crosby V. PNG

    Run defense - way better than last year.  The turnovers are some proof of that.  Opposing RB's are taking a beating.   Field position - the freshman kicker is giving the team good field position.  Nailing extra points.  He is going to win a game this year with that leg.  My middle son played with him last year, they miss him on the 9th grade team. Secondary tackling - There have been some brain farts and kids trying to hit instead of tackle (thats at every HS though) but this secondary tackles better than last year.  They aren't ball hawks but if the QB floats one or is inaccurate, they have the speed to get into position for interceptions. QB - Howard is a great kid.  This really sucks for him.  This is going to be an unpopular opinion but this team can go just as far with Coker.  My oldest played with him in jr. high.  They lost one game. And they never had a stud at any position.  It was just methodical, great decision making football.  Howard is a home run hitter.  He can run, he can throw the bomb.  That can win games.  Coker is going to spread the ball around, make fast decisions, and stay tough in the pocket.  He will throw the ball away instead of trying to make something happen.  It's just a different animal. Crosby 38 PNG 34 P.S. Wish the admins would shutdown the talk about CISD money issues on this thread.  Plenty of other places to air that one out.  
  5. Crosby at Vidor

    Riordan preps extremely well for option and ground and pound teams.  Vidor had the talent to win that playoff game but the defensive adjustments they had to learn in a week for Vidor were enough to win.  The playoff win against Port Lavaca, same issue. Heavy, old school option team that threw maybe twice.  Had to play very disciplined defense to win.   That being said, Vidor is absolutely my favorite offense to watch.  I love it.   I get to see the 9th grade teams play on Thursday.  How is the 9th grade team doing?  I would imagine that the younger the opponent, the more the Vidor offense gets rolling
  6. Magnolia 43 Barbers Hill 13/FINAL

    After the Crosby/Manvel game, this post aged nicely. (The quote function is wonky at the moment)   "Agreed chorizo.  And the “heart”, I equate with tradition.  When Magnolia went up 21-0 halfway thru the 1st Qtr, I suspect, barring some freak, quick TD’s, BH was through.  It’s what happens at Schools without winning tradition (heart).  Teams with winning traditions, such as WOS, PNG, Ned, they’re bowing up and figuring out how to come back and win.  The kids believe they can win.  Call it heart, tradition, or mindset, it’s an intangible that’s almost impossible for a coach to overcome."
  7. Crosby 49 Manvel 47/FINAL

    And I know, Manvel can come out and put this one away. I get it.    This game isn’t a foregone conclusion.
  8. Crosby 49 Manvel 47/FINAL

    Crosby can beat this team. Key on 21 and force this QB to throw.  The offense should continue to produce. 
  9. Crosby White FR - 0 Manvel B FR - 34   Crosby Red FR - 8 Manvel A FR - 35   Manvel is athletic. In case you didn’t know. 
  10. Magnolia 43 Barbers Hill 13/FINAL

    I think this point is way under appreciated.  In Safety and Leadership circles it is called “resiliency”. They call it “grit” in education circles.   I think it takes a couple of experiences of fighting out of the pit.  Then the culture can start to assume the identity. And it works the other way.  A culture gets down or behind, a couple people cave, and now, that is who you are.   This is an identity, for a group or team, that is established very early and very hard to shed. 

    I love the fact this game is on the schedule.  Manvel has been where Crosby wants to go.  I can't think of a better way to show this level to a team trying to break through.
  12. Magnolia 43 Barbers Hill 13/FINAL

    One or two years ago, when Crosby played at BH, BH had no running back.  I think one was hurt and the others were benched for team rules or academics.  I'm not sure.  But basically no RB.   They had "0" handoffs that game.  Just QB runs and short passes.  Then burn Crosby defense over the top once in a while.  That was a Coach making the best of the talent he had available.   I have only seen some clips from last nights game, so I am not sure.  Did you see coaches putting kids in the best position possible to be successful?   My kids have been playing against BH for years.  A great group of kids and parents.  They deserve better.  
  13. Magnolia 43 Barbers Hill 13/FINAL

    I think you hit the nail on the head here. Not just rings. Multiple rings.  He knows what he is doing.  Is what he wants to do going to work at BH? If what he wants to do doesn’t = wins, how long will BH let him continue?  
  14. Magnolia 43 Barbers Hill 13/FINAL

    Uh...no. When is the answer not “well, we have injuries, and I have faith in the system”?   Seriously, I love Westerberg. But I don’t think BH is paying top shelf money for year after year of moral victories. That’s a good district with great support.  BH is spending the money to compete for championships.  This loss sucks. Maybe this isn’t going to work. Is that impossible to imagine?
  15. Crosby 28 New Caney 14/FINAL

    Defense is much better. Corner got burned earlier but he settled down and the OLB corrected a bit to cover the seam.  NC threw twice that way into dangerous coverage at the start of the 2nd and now seem more timid to pass.  QB is floating the ball a bit too.