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  1. Kingwood Park 17 Porter 21/FINAL

    10-7 KP. Half. 
  2. Kingwood Park 17 Porter 21/FINAL

    3-0. End of 1st. KP. 
  3. 7-0 BH. End of first. 
  4. Game Delay. Stadium lights out. KP scored and recovered on side kick. Lights go out. 
  5. 10-7 at the half. NC. 
  6. Week 2 Cancellations

    As of today .... practices have been scheduled for next week, school to start next week, and the MacArthur game is still on.  We'll see what happens.  Hope everyone gets back into "normal" as quick as possible.  
  7. Perspective

    Word just out that Kingwood HS and Summer Creek HS will share the SCHS campus.  KHS is out of service for about a year according to local sources.  Two options that the parents have to chose from: 1.  Schools split everyday 8-12 for one school and 1-5 for the other. Or, 2.  M/W/F for one school and T/Th/Sat for the other. Neither one is optimal.  Many of us KPHS football families plan on attending as many KHS games as our schedule will allow.  It's just the right thing to do for these kids and this community.
  8. Oh yeah, almost forgot .... Crosby please don't blow up!!!
  9. School has been pushed back to 09/07 at the earliest. Not good. We're still under water but draining slowly.  This storm is a butt kicker.  Be ready for days of rain.  Liquor store run?  Good luck to all!