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  1. Congrats y’all. We all knew it was a long shot but hey, at least we made the playoffs. Good luck going forward. 
  2. Prediction playoffs score

    So you're sayin' we have a chance ...........    
  3. Memorial vs Kingwood Park

    I could be wrong, but I don't think you'll be alone.
  4. Prediction playoffs score

    It sounds like a FEW people are giving KP a chance now.  Stranger things have happened ..... 
  5. Memorial vs Kingwood Park

    Thanks for that. We all know KP is a huge underdog in this one, but that's why we play the game .... on any given day ...
  6. BH vs. Porter

    “On a side not, it will be interesting to see who KPFan blames for their demise.” No one but ourselves. 
  7. BH vs. Porter

    I can't believe I have to root for Porter.  By about 10pm Friday night there is going to be one very disappointed group of boys in BH or KW.  I knew that Porter game was going to come back a bite us .....
  8. Splendora Fiasco

    First I apologize to the forum - this was no place to vent. Maybe it was the Bourbon talking. I won't do it again.  BUT it seems AllSports joined up just to respond to me (all of 2 posts) so I'll respond to him/her. I don't have a HUDL account. You seem to have a very detailed account of the penalties of this game. Like a ref would. Does your total include all the off-setting penalties that were called? Curious. I was in the stands and it looked like our kid was 3 yards out of bounds when he was hit since some of the kids on the sidelines also got knocked over. You say it was only a yard - I guess you had a better view than me.  Like a ref would.  And, finally, you seem to insinuate that the punt returner was a fault for even trying to field the punt - and that it's his fault he got hit early.  That's just stupid.  Defenseless player + helmet to helmet = ejection in most leagues. You seem to question his intelligence - on 11/15 he'll be at the Touchdown Club Scholar Athlete luncheon.  He's a finalist. You can ask him if he's dumb.   Aren't there social media rules for school district and UIL employees to follow? I'm done talking about Splendora. I just can't believe we have to root for Porter since we didn't take care of our own business. Dang it again!!
  9. I'm usually pretty level headed about all this high school football stuff, but I have to speak out about our game on Friday.  Holy Cow, what a shatshow!! There were probably 25 flags tossed against us at a minimum.  I hate to say it but Splendora played like a bunch of thugs.  3 late hits after the play was over caused 1 and probably 2 concussions for our kids.  No ejections for obvious dangerous play.  One ref threw the flag for off sides ... from his position 25 yards away in the secondary. Home cooking and painfully obvious.  Bryson was the kid that got knocked out ... literally.  He was 3 yards out of bounds and had given up on the play. We got the win, but that game was total BS.  I know its just a fan complaining about another team or the refs, but ...... wow.
  10. 21-5A playoff teams

    This would be a much easier final two weeks for us if we had just taken care of business vs Porter!! Dang it.  
  11. Kingwood Park 26 Dayton 7/FINAL

    All true, but new OC is just in his second game as well as the new OLine coach. It will happen - has to over the next two games. 
  12. Kingwood Park 26 Dayton 7/FINAL

    I beg to differ. Time will tell. 
  13. Kingwood Park 26 Dayton 7/FINAL

    We left some points out there with our own bad okay. Poor #22 is going to be sore tonight. 
  14. Kingwood Park 26 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Don’t think I’ll need to post updates tonight. Dayton fanatics will no doubt beat me to it!!