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  1. SETX Scrimmage Schedule

    Heard the KP vs Wheatley will be at KPHS. Not Turner. 
  2. Assessments after day 1 of Pads

    Rumor has it ...... only 7 players suited up for pads.  Training staff and some dads had to fill out the missing positions so that practice could go on.  Someone's Grandma was playing the QB position - although I heard she has a pretty good arm and nice foootwork.  KP may start playing 6 man football.  IF they can get Grandma to move into the district ...... Nothing to see here. Move along .....
  3. From what I've been told the KP scrimmages start at 6p at Turner.  
  4. Better coaching last year - Holley.  Followed VERY closely by Westerberg.  Rumor has that Zane Russell is  leaving KP (with his dad who is now coaching there) and may take over the QB duties.  He was one of three that cycled thru the position last year at KP.  See my previous comments about too many QBs causing issues at KP.  Hurst is slated to be the started at QB, according to my sources, and hopefully will be for the entire year.  Consistency please!!  Zane is a good kid - Porter is getting some talent.
  5. Top WR's in 21-5a

    I wouldn't underestimate the receivers at KP. We cycled through 3 different QB's last year and none of them ever the chance to get consistent. It also didn't help that we would run the same play 50+ times a game. I hope we toss it around a bit more - I don't think Jackson would leave Pius if that wasn't the plan. I told you guys the bottom half of he district was going to get better ....
  6. This year is really a mystery - more so than previous years.  Last year's top teams lost a lot of talent and just like the stock market you can't base your results on what happened in previous years (or on your JV/7on7 results).  So here's my take ..... The Hill on top - if any coach can make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t it's Wester-championship.  Crosby has the wining culture - believing that you will win if half the battle.  New Caney next followed by KP.  Pure craziness I know, but we've had a couple of move-ins that were here before and I like what the new coach has brought to the program.  Porter/Humble next. I think Porters athletes have all graduated and Humble's talent finally overcomes their lack of discipline. Dayton next - I know there are some crazy loyal Dayton people here, but you're year will be 2018.  Splendora/Caney Creek at the bottom as they adjust to what is a pretty stout district.  The bottom half of the district from last year will be improved make no mistake.  It's going to be a fun season.  I just want to make sure that 21-5A represents against 22-5A when the playoffs begin!!
  7. 21-5A Predictions

    Pure speculation on my part, but it seems there was a bit of "old regime" vs "new regime" among coaches which had an obvious impact on the players.  This caused some to not participate - not neccesarily leave the school.  A couple did, but I think they were job/family moves.  I could be naive. This appears to have been addressed and maybe some will come back.  As far as overall growth is concerned I believe that Porter/New Casey are seeing the attendance/athlete boost due to the Grand Parkway.  
  8. 21-5A Predictions

    It's fairly easy to stick with the recent history top teams and next year should be no different. Good athletes and good coaching are hard to argue against.  I'm hopeful that the coaching changes made at KP will have a positive impact on our players - who have forgotten how to win.  The insidious fungus that is losing is hard to overcome once it gets established in a program.  A new DC (from Princeton HS) and receivers coach (from Celina HS) should bring that winning mentality back into the locker room. Will it be enough? I hope.  Here's to an exciting, hard fought 21-5A season. Good luck to all. As far as predictions go I have to be a "homer" with KP sliding into the #4 slot on a game winning last second field goal .... it could happen .....
  9. BH Vs Kingwood Park

    "Rough night coach.  You lost the game.  You lost your team.  And you lost your support." Yeah, that parent pretty much summed it up ........