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  1. UIL Train Horn Ban

    Bring back the cowbell!!

    Woodville runs the table here and Orangefield takes second slapping EC around.

    HD is the team that backed out on Hardin not the other way around.

    Truth is they would of been 0-10 again without the schedule change. Playing bruisers doesnt mean you beat La Marque or Hitchcock. You will see with Kirbyville. What your saying has merit when you are talking about state contenders not teams that traditionally never goto the playoffs. 

    PNG JV would of whipped Hull-Daisetta, West Hardin, Warren, and possibly last years Kirbyville team. Its not like they played Baytowns JV team.

    Confidence...Kirbyville will have 4-5 losses by the time they play Hardin. While Hardin will be 4-1 and more than likely healthier. Kirbyville whoever made their schedule was a complete idiot.

    What a butt pounding...
  8. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    Did you work on his staff? Wondering how you would actually know...Livingston sounds like a bunch of pee wee football Dads who think they know what they are talking about and dont. Need to stick to talking about your glory days. When Rowe was there maybe Livingston was more competitive with pay (only because other districts didnt raise their pay) now theyre not. Rowe eventually left for more money as well. Coaches arent taking jobs with terrible pay because they love coaching. They still have families to support as well. The best coaches are making better money.
  9. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    I doubt Livingston lost coaches due to leadership skills and more to the tune of terrible pay they have for teachers and coaches.  Livingston is no ones dream job in the first place. But you can bet your tales that if you dont pay the assistants well it doesn’t matter how good of a coach the head man is.  I have family that are coaches and the quality coaches are not going to go make 55,000 in Livingston when they can goto say Splendora and make 65,000.   
  10. East Chambers 31 Hardin 12

    #1 Orangefield  #2 Woodville  #3 EC #4 Buna/Hardin In my eyes...
  11. East Chambers 31 Hardin 12

    Your son will love the new elementary school. My son goes there as well. We have a good 8th grade group coming up. This years team is stout on the line. Im hearing they got a pretty good move in as well. Really tough district this year. Hardin is one of the better academic schools in themis district for sure. Orangefield East Chambers Woodville Kirbyville Anahuac Buna Warren
  12. District 12 3A D1

    That is a butt kicker there... Woodville Orangefield East Chambers Buna Kirbyville Hardin Anahuac Warren   in that order...
  13. Hiring a head coach.. would you rather

    It depends on what the school needs. Not every school is concerned with winning bud despite what you think. Some schools just want a coach that will stick around more than a couple years which nixes most coordinators from the applicant list. Here is a breakdown. Coordinators: On their way up will stay 2-3 years then move on to better paying gig. Experienced winning (middle aged) head coaches: They know their worth and will not settle for less than a certain dollar amount. Experienced winning (near retirement) head coaches: These guys will stick around until the end or until the school board pisses them off.  
  14. Kirbyville Applicants list

    Craus gets the my vote. He's the man!
  15. Kirbyville Applicants list

    Alot of laughs on that! Clown city!