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  1. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    I was just talking about fun to watch they make big plays passing almost every game. Every other game I have been to is just boring run run punt run run score... but the game is over quicker.
  2. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Hardin has 650 3 games Splendora 450 4 games Tarkington 288 4 games Shepherd 188 4 games   These are whats on maxpreps total passing yards in 4 games for most teams 3 games for Hardin. Apparently not everyone has their stats posted.
  3. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Even if you not the guy... you should know the guy. Great journalism 
  4. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Im asking you!!! You are the SETX sports Director!!! this is what you do?!!! An I wrong?
  5. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Does max preps allow for QB stats or just reception stats? Because they threw 35 times in one game already this year. Max preps is not accurate.   also where can you find total passing yards?
  6. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Share Tarkington, Shepherd, and Splendoras attempts. Oh and Lumberton 
  7. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    I could give you Huffman.
  8. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    No they dont. Check your stats!
  9. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    You got it guy! I just thought to be a DIRECTOR you had to have some Football knowledge. I still dont have stats from our Sports Director. Im talking compleyed passes 4A and under who leads in yards?
  10. BH vs. Dayton

    Should be a better game for Dayton but they still lose by 2 TDs.
  11. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Tarkington runs a Slot-T and Lumberton????
  12. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Tarkington and Shepherd do not throw the ball. You really are a dumbass. Livingston???? Lol you must not watch many games in the area. I said respond with stats!!!
  13. Anahuac vs Kirbyville! Predictions

    Anahuac 21-14
  14. Orangefield vs Buna

    Orangefield 35-Buna 8
  15. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    I know 5A/6A throw the ball. What 4A team around here actually throws the ball? and im not talking about running it out of a spread offense.   since you want specifics why dont you reply with some stats...