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  1. Job Postings

    Not sure about period off. But some do give an extra stipend for it 
  2. Coldspring open

    When will Coldspring hire?
  3. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    Good luck coach!
  4. Trinity is Open

    Good luck coach
  5. Trinity is Open

    Is that official?  Been trying to figure that out, but couldn't find it anywhere. 
  6. Livingston is Open

     Hard for a new coach to come in to that situation so late
  7. Trinity is Open

    Looks like hiring an athletic director  may be on the agenda tonight. 
  8. Livingston is Open

    When do interview start? I'd think they would try to make a hire before school gets out. But maybe not. 
  9. Coldspring open

    From googling it looks like this superintendent got there in 2017. So different guy than when Barbay was there, right?
  10. Coldspring open

    Coldspring is open with Byrd going to Whitney. 
  11. Livingston is Open

    Wonder how quickly they will move on this with school winding down
  12. Trinity is Open

    Any news out of Trinity?
  13. Trinity is Open

    Don't think he got another head coaching job. Haven't heard much since the week the job was posted. Figured they would have started interviews by now but not sure they have. 
  14. Dayton

    Saw a guy commenting on Matt Stepps Twitter the other day, giving hints that Groveton was going to open. 
  15. Trinity is Open

    Someone else quotes the same post and asked if he got another job, another quotes and says give us the reason. But me saying, so he left on his own is considered "pestering". Lol.