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  1. Tonight’s type of playing isn’t going to fly against Marshall. Although on a side note  Carthage must be stout cause they beat Marshall
  2. Because it doesn’t matter, three points doesn’t shut the game away, it’s a TD or bust to get the W..... that’s my guess
  3. Wait..... 4th and 1/2 yard and we pass!? Is Pete Carroll calling the shots??
  4. It’s the only that’s kept us among the top teams in the district and tonight is no exception, need to use that lock down D to the fullest
  5. Willowridge @ Nederland

    In other words no you didn’t catch my drift but by your posts I’d say your living in the past. 
  6. Willowridge @ Nederland

    He probably feels the same way Larry Nuemann did....if you catch my drift. 
  7. Willowridge @ Nederland

    I wondered what y’all Indian fans had come to accept in the last 20 years
  8. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    Let’s go BH! Pull the upset!
  9. Final Coaches Regional Rankings

    Says 9-1 for Nederland so it was after 
  10. The Hill vs Manvel

    I think the Hill has a good shot, I hope they get the W 
  11. Bi-District Dates, Places and Times

    That would be awesome, can you imagine how packed it would be? Look like a 6A school was playing with all the support but unfortunately it’s on a Friday night for us
  12. Port Neches-Groves 34 Nederland 21/FINAL

    Teams with winning traditions take losses with grace, PNG does the same when the dogs win. Honestly though if we have to share a DC sharing with anyone else wouldn’t feel right. Iv got to many PNG friends to feel anyother way, the true bulldog nation will back this up. 
  13. Port Neches-Groves 34 Nederland 21/FINAL

    True, we really needed Scott though, he’s a first down getter and blasts through for big runs. Doesn’t matter though you work with what you have
  14. Crow thread

    Guess I’m not to familiar with either team, it was usually a 49-0 win for us when we lined up with L town but I didn’t know LCM owned that many Ws not much a rivalry with those numbers for sure 
  15. Oh don’t feel bad, Nederland played the worst game all year and I promise it was terrible. We got owned also