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  1. Longview 35 Beaumont West Brook 34/FINAL

    Way to go West Brook you made setx proud. I hope this is the norm for Beaumont from now on, they should be in the 4th round minimum every year. Google “most high school super bowl alumni” and tell me what you find.....PA and Beaumont at the top. 
  2. Aldeo/South Oak Cliff

    I heard that game ended at 12:45am due to weather, anyone know why the officials kept changing their minds on resuming Saturday vs continuing so late into the night?
  3. Yeah where was this new alignment in 2011 and 2012 when the GT had some major talent 
  4. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    PNG season stops here if the D reverts to how it played the first 10 games.
  5. Port Neches-Groves 50 Lindale 28/FINAL

    RJ is walking all over them it appears 
  6. Port Neches-Groves 50 Lindale 28/FINAL

    Lindale isn’t going to know what hit them. Should be a easy walk to the 3rd round with RJ behind the wheel. 
  7. Marshall vs. Nederland/Post updates here!

    We really needed that 1st seed, cake walk to the fourth round. Anyway go dogs!
  8. Tonight’s type of playing isn’t going to fly against Marshall. Although on a side note  Carthage must be stout cause they beat Marshall
  9. Because it doesn’t matter, three points doesn’t shut the game away, it’s a TD or bust to get the W..... that’s my guess
  10. Wait..... 4th and 1/2 yard and we pass!? Is Pete Carroll calling the shots??
  11. It’s the only that’s kept us among the top teams in the district and tonight is no exception, need to use that lock down D to the fullest
  12. Willowridge @ Nederland

    In other words no you didn’t catch my drift but by your posts I’d say your living in the past. 
  13. Willowridge @ Nederland

    He probably feels the same way Larry Nuemann did....if you catch my drift. 
  14. Willowridge @ Nederland

    I wondered what y’all Indian fans had come to accept in the last 20 years