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  1. Silsbee vs Bridge City

    I don’t think anyone is holding silsbee to its 0-3 start. It’s not like it was a cupcake schedule, two 5A schools and a newton team that’s better than it was last year. They will smother BC
  2. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    This isn’t the WOS of 2015, if it was I’d have WOS in the W section, but I think Crosby may pull the upper hand. Idk though you never know with cornel, a simple adjustment can mean big changes 
  3. Vidor at lcm....... predictions....

    I don’t think much speculation here. Vidor drops at least 40 points. LCM won’t be held scoreless but I don’t think they have the firepower to handle the offense for four quarters 
  4. A New Boneyard in Vidor

    Nah Astro glide for the Astro turf, goes hand in hand 
  5. A New Boneyard in Vidor

    Yes, instead we got an updated school......its like come on guys just build the school and stadium. 90% refinery workers, have $300K homes crammed on every street corner but God forbid we get new stuff for the youth.
  6. A New Boneyard in Vidor

    Just need to bite the bullet and pass the bond, its usually the older population that does not want to pass it while the younger population is all for it. All the bigger schools should have turf I agree with that and they play hard and deserve a nice field and facility not to mention when they host other schools......just hung up on the "elite" status....... must be a Vidor thing
  7. Nederland 33 Beaumont United 14/FINAL

    Yup,I don’t think anyone thinks central was the issue to begin with. Yeah central struggled with its own coaching issues but how many times has central beat Nederland since let’s go.....2007 make it a decade timeline (07-17), three? Triple the times Ozen did? Friends and partners always seem to get what they want. Sucks cause the fans and players have to pay for the poor decision making 
  8. Nederland 33 Beaumont United 14/FINAL

    Still have another half of football left so I hope Ned doesn’t get to comfortable 
  9. Nederland 33 Beaumont United 14/FINAL

    I hate it also, leadership is as important as the talent it’s using. 
  10. Nederland 33 Beaumont United 14/FINAL

    Different face same issue for the merger. They.have.no.coaching. Surely the T wolf fans can see this. All the talent In the world, speed, height and size and yet struggle. They should wreck everyone no questions, I hope they figure it out cause I wanna see them whip some Laporte and deer park arse
  11. We will take another Colton Kimler though. Didn’t he give the Jags fits?
  12. Nederland 19 West Orange-Stark 18/FINAL

    Good game dogs, hard fought and rare win. This must be how Vidor fans feel when they beat Nederland lol hoping for a great season Dogs!
  13. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Larry Neumann ought to apply, bet he would have a shot at the job. Retirement can’t be all that great 
  14. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    I guess Nederland isn’t out of the picture for the new merge. I had a strong feeling they were gonna match up soulija 
  15. Golden Triangle Running scared from Newton

    Heck come on with it, I’m sure WOS will be the first game and then Newton can come next. I’d like to see the match up honestly. Be a good time