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    My suggestion would be Baytown's Big A$$ High School.
  2. Realignment

    According to Texas Football, Humble reported 2240. Moving on up to 6A most likely.
  3. Santa Fe 39 Goose Creek Memorial 13/FINAL

    Not that it's much better, but the score was 39 - 13.
  4. Schedule changes

    Again, this is coming from today's Baytown Sun. I haven't seen anything official from the schools. If we get an updated schedule I'll post it. I'll keep an eye on GCCISD' s website as well.
  5. Schedule changes

    According to the Baytown Sun; Goose Creek Memorial will use their bye week to make up the Tomball Memorial game on September 22nd. Baytown Sterling will make up their game against Clear Lake on the same day. Also due to 22 5A's condensed schedule the GCM Sterling game will be moved from Friday October 13 to Thursday October 12th as Lee will play Livingston at Stallworth on the 13th.
  6. Baytown Lee @ Goose Creek

    GCM wins 24 to 17. I'm curious to see how the QB situation works out for GCM.
  7. In the controlled portion, HJ scored twice GCM did not score. In the live portion GCM scored once, HJ did not score. GCM has some work to do but I think they have some pieces in place to make some improvements. Their offense should be more balanced this year. The defense can be solid. Not expecting any miracles but I believe they can be a little more competitive this year. This week's game against PAM will tell us more, it got ugly real quick last year. If we compete better this year, we'll know we've made some strides.
  8. First day of Texas football practice.

    I'm with ya. Mine got there at 5:00 am sharp. First in line gets the good equipment. Looking forward to the scrimmage this weekend. Also curious to see how the move ins perform.
  9. He's got a shot, we are definitely lacking size in the JR and SR classes.
  10. Thanks Broncos94. Being a parent, I was looking forward to seeing the review and was disappointed that WOSgrad didn't receive anything. The kids deserve some notice. 
  11. Re-Alignment Changes

    There have been rumors about rezoning the Baytown schools. If they do I'm not sure how it will pan out, but I believe they are aiming to move more kids into Lee's zone. As a GCM parent I would hope any rezoning would move us back down to the 5A level where we wouldn't have to play Northshore and Atascocita.
  12. Key returning players for the 2017 GCM Patriots: Offense SR Vic Colon RB, SR Clayton Banks TE, SR Erin Russell WR, SR Baylor Dorfing OL, JR Christian Cienfuegos QB/WR, JR Richard Washington QB/WR Defense SR Sean Kelly DB, SR Octavio Tellez DE, JR Anthony Fatal DL, JR Dalton Williams ILB, JR Greg Edwards OLB, JR Traiton Crump DE, JR Trey Williams DB, SR Anthony Rodriguez DB NOTES: The QB position is up for grabs. The two front runners are both excellent WRs as well. There is also a possible move in that plays both positions and a sophomore may also factor in if he can prove he's ready. Due to losing a lot of players to injury and disciplinary reasons, alot of sophomores got thrown into the mix early and should benefit from the early experience. ***WARNING "Beginning of shameless parental hype".....JR ILB Dalton Williams returns to captain the Patriot Defense after missing 3 games to a broken wrist and playing the last 4 in a cast. Despite missing the 3 games and playing the last 4 one handed, he was still one of the team leaders in tackles. I expect a breakout season for the JR......."Ending of shameless parental hype" WARNING*** Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
  13. WOSgrad if you don't mind, I can put together a list of key returning starters. The kid are working hard and deserve the recognition regardless of the teams record.

    You're right, BH does have a lot of appeal for their athletic programs now. But that hasn't always been the case. What happens if the new football coach isn't  as successful as expected?  Things can change quickly. You also have to consider that Baytown is still growing alot in the Goose Creek Memorial zone, ExxonMobil and Chevron are expanding and hiring, and the cost of housing in Baytown is cheaper than Mont Belvieu. I think the Baytown schools can be competitive again. But until then I think they need to rezone so that GCM drops back to 5A and Lee sees some growth. But only if we can play in a local district and not have to drive to the Golden Triangle every week.
  15. North Hwy 146 area in Goose Creek isd.

    I agree. I was just curious where this rumor was coming from as I have heard it from a variety of people for the past 4 or 5 years. I was also wondering if the rumor was circulating in Mont Belvieu as well.