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  1. 2018 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!

    Friday night Josh Hranicky SR PNG  3rd HR
  2. 2018 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!

    Josh Hranicky SR PNG  has 2 homeruns 
  3. 2018 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!

    Joshua Hranicky SR  1 PNG
  4. 2017 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!!!

    Brandon Petix  PNG Jr solo homerun against Livingston on 4-25-17
  5. 2017 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!!!

    Joshua Hranicky PNG Jr solo Homerun 4-25-2017 against Livingston 
  6. 2017 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!!!

    Joshua Hranicky PNG Jr. Hit 2 run HR against Lumberton 4/13/17
  7. 2017 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!!!

    April 4th Joshua Hranicky       JR        PNG       1 
  8. Who are the top 2018 area players

    Yes I do believe they are great pitchers but the main topic was class of 2018 and those two are class of 2017 
  9. Who are the top 2018 area players

    Perfect Game is one but you can also look at TexasPrep Baseball. 
  10. Who are the top 2018 area players

    PNG - Hranicky ranked top 100 Nederland - Braydon Creduer  They are both already committed! 
  11. Port Neches-Groves 54 Silsbee 27/FINAL

    Yes Roschon did a great job last night but you have to give credit to his o-line because they were fighting in order for him to shine they have to do there job to remember they are a offensive team! Way to go Indians !! 
  12. All I know is game 3 should of been played the other day just like all the other schools did ! They didn't have a 3rd pitcher they were talking about it in the stands and said they had to push the game well at this level it's about depth and that PNG has we have plenty of pitching it's just sad that we had to force the pitchers to pitch again and face each other and really it should of already been over the other night and moved on ! It took a lot out of them being on bus so long not knowing times or where it would be played this week was crazy and to me no one was focused. But it has been a great season and can't wait till we start back up next season! 
  13. Yes he is the sophomore that is a 6' 3 lefty that has pitched both Central games, some in Baytown Lee and Lumberton , and in some preseason games he was on varsity last year as a freshman 
  14. there is another Lefty he was going to start for PNG in game 3 which is Josh Hranicky . 
  15. GTSA/Expos Collge Exposure/Showcase Team Tryouts

    So is the rosters full already for 16 or 17s