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Fall Sports Preview in Jasper Newsboy

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On August 22nd the Jasper Newsboy will produce its very first Fall Sports Preview!

This special in the paper will include team and group photos of football, volleyball, cross country, bands, cheerleaders, drill/dance teams from 16 area high schools that are in the Newsboy coverage area for the Sports Spectrum Sports Page of the paper.

Photos, schedules, features and more will come from Jasper, Newton, Woodville, Kirbyville, Buna, Evadale, West Sabine, Hemphill, Burkeville, Colmesneil, Chester, Spurger, Warren and we will even include three smaller schools, Brookeland, Broadus and Zavalla who will be in preseason workouts in the Fall.

This will be a special publication and the Newsboy will need help from all the schools so help us spread the word. We will need team pictures in uniform with coaches in the pictures from all of these schools. We know that some schools contract with companies to provide the pictures, but these are often hard to deal with for publication so if someone else can take the picture and forward it to the Newsboy that would be great. If no one else is available then you can request that we send a photographer from the paper.

Please keep in mind that the deadline for the submission of photos is August 15th, which provides plenty of time to get the section ready for the press. But the photos can be sent anytime before that date.

To make contact with the Newsboy the phone number is 409 384-3441 to send photos you can email them to [email protected]

Advertising opportunities are available as well and to receive information on how to get your business in the Fall Sports Preview email [email protected]

We need the help of coaches, directors, sponsors, administrators to pull off this special section and I hope we can count on all of you to make this a reality.

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