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  1. Sigh another topic derailed thanks to low IQ morons (sorry admin/mods - I think deep down you know I’m right on this one)
  2. ... so you’re really going to come into a topic, in which I call out politicians, entertainers, the well-connected, etc (literally in the first post) for abusing corporate socialism.. and turn it into another republican good, dims bad argument? Are you really this stupid? Or just trolling
  3. .. what? In the first first I encouraged everyone to look at the list to see which politicians , entertainers, etc took money
  4. Also ITT - people attacking me, a tax paying citizen who hasn’t received a single dime from any of the various bailout programs, instead of being mad at the politicians, entertainers and well-connected for taking advantage of the corporate socialism going on.
  5. I’ll be honest engleberry, I straight up don’t read your replies anymore. You consistently derail topics time and time again. Can you please stop trying to derail this one too? This was off to a decent start, for SETX Pol standards anyways.
  6. lol why are you so obsessed with me dude
  7. lol’d - you already know deep down these boys were seething mad when they read this
  8. I wish he hadn’t narrowed his VP criteria so soon. If he picked buttigeig as VP, I think that ticket would win in a landslide barring any miraculous covid vaccine and economic rally. I’ll take a young non-dinosaur, moderate (today’s standards) NORMAL person like Pete taking over day 1 while they stuff Biden in a closet somewhere out of sight. kamala Harris is just another hypocrite politician. I don’t know much about Atlanta Mayor other than.. I read they’re having some issues over there.
  9. Didn’t read this one either as it’s probably not even relevant to the topic at hand, just you acting holier then thou again
  10. I gotta be honest engleberry, I busted out laughing when I saw your long ass reply. TLDR
  11. I’ve seen the libertarian candidate getting some buzz lately..I have to do more research though.
  12. I would be completely fine with a literal potato as President. A potato presidency, effectively a vacant presidency, cannot possibly be any worse than 4 more years of twitter temper tantrum Trump or creepy Biden.
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