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  1. Sorry, I thought you were asking if I was Coach Haynes. I see now you were referring to a different post.
  2. No but I’ll take that as a compliment plus obviously none of you know Coach Haynes if you did you would know he’s old school...can’t stand phones, computers or any technology. And websites like this is one of the reasons why. But like I said, I take that as a “huge” compliment.
  3. I never made any remark about special needs children, you tried to say something cute, but stupid, because you try to make this personal. So let’s just try to stay on topic if your attention span will allow you to stay with the rest of us. The topic is not who I am or what I am, it’s how the current superintendent and Board have screwed this up again for the kids in this community.
  4. To the comment of getting ran out of town, he is gone because you have a Superintendent that is a micro-managing “re-tread” to use your term and thinks he knows everything And he knows nothing. He was intimidated by Coach Haynes from day one because of the respect that Coach Haynes had from the community, faculty and players. This glory grabbing Super couldn’t stand it. I wish the people of Hardin knew how disliked this guy is. Heck, he was asked to leave Sweeney ISD because he got them in the middle of a lawsuit because he terminated an employee with a disability. Do your homework! Plus look at Coach Pavliska, went to the playoffs 10 out of 16 years as the head baseball coach. This same Superintendent stayed in his dugout every single game thinking he knew more than Coach Pav. He made a fool of himself arguing from the dugout with the Umpire. It was totally embarrassing, how many Superintendents do you see doing that. The community of Hardin needs to wake up and see who they have running their school district. And please don’t compare Ned Barrier with Coach Haynes!!!! Barriers record is 18-25 and do any of you know why he left Candy Creek? Now that’s the story.
  5. So I guess when the truth hurts you two get personal. Let’s dumb it down for you two as you are probably two of the students that were in my class and needed special assistance. You two have not given a single fact. So where’s your proof dumb and dumber?
  6. Try to focus. You said Coach Haynes brought them up, I know for a fact that he did not. He has not even been on our campus. Plus you did not comment about the Superintendent telling the kids they can work out but park in other places so no one knows. Why are we not firing the Superintendent because he is the one that told them they could work out. The kids that the Superintendent said could work out are mainly the kids that are hoping they have a chance at a college scholarship and just FYI, they were given keys to the workout room and it was not Coach Haynes that gave them the keys.
  7. OK Bernie Sanders, I could ask you the same thing. I work for this District and have worked herE for a very long time. I know for a fact that Coach Haynes wasn’t even here during Covid. But let me give you a few more facts...the superintendent told the kids that were up here working out everyday that they could continue to workout but to park throughout our campuses so it would not look like they were being allowed to work out. How’s that for facts.
  8. I didn’t take the post down, I assumed the SETX monitors took it down. I could care less if the school board president knows who I am. Everyone knows what he has done and is doing.
  9. If you really want to know I Did Not Vote for Hilary but I bet your favorite news channel is CNN, they are as wrong in their remarks as you are.
  10. Just think about it, what parent would have allowed their kids to come on campus and workout during COVID? Parents would have went nuts and it would have been all over the news. That’s just silly and it just did not happen.
  11. Wow, talking about misinformation. Hardin went out on Spring break the week of March 9th and no one has been back since. I know for a fact that Coach Haynes and Coach Firman created virtual workouts to send to all the athletes and to allow athletes to post their workouts for all to see. Someone is grasping at straws. Those are the facts and they are indisputable.
  12. Haynes has done nothing shady, so let me give you a little history. This is all coming from School Board President who wanted his son to start at QB and since he didn't start, he has made it his mission to get rid of Haynes and the Superintendent is nothing but his puppet.
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