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  1. Evans had to take the ACT yesterday. He came and played in the second half. He had 2 TDs and over 100 yards rushing.
  2. Most of those kids now attend Fort Bend Marshall. You have several Yates Alumni who are football coaches at Marshall and they know the talent of the local middle schools in HISD and know how to get those kids to attend Marshall. You also have several former Yates football players who send their sons to play at Marshall instead of Yates. Also you have kids that are zoned to Yates attending other schools. It's alot easier to field a basketball team than it is to field a football team.
  3. In all fairness to FBM, that team last year lost one of their starting DB's to a senseless murder right after the Huntsville game and before the CC Calallen game and the funeral was two days before the Aledo game. So those kids were not mentally ready to play any football game. To play against one of the best teams in Texas this decade in Aledo was a tall order. However that was last year, FBM just beat A&M Consolidated who beat Huntsville, the common opponent for both teams. I was at the Crosby game and Huntsville had trouble with Crosby's speed and playmaking ability. So Huntsville can't get into a track meet with arguably the fastest team in the country. On the flip side FBM at times can be undisciplined and their kicking game is terrible, they leave alot of points on the board. Even with that I still think FBM will be too much for Huntsville.
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