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  1. I am glad that you brought up Odessa Permian, them and Ector County ISD were the UIL originators of strategically making decisions for athletic purposes. Those decisions that were made was strickly about race. EC ISD wanted those athletes that were originally zoned to Odessa High to attend Permian after de-segregation, so they strategically re-zoned the district in the 70's and early 80's to make this happen. I have good friends who played football for Permian and their parents and other family members taught at Permian and other schools in the district. I have a lot of knowledge from insiders
  2. That's great that you don't see race as a factor, unfortunately there are too many people that do.
  3. Not as of yet, but Katy, Allen, South Lake Carroll, and Aledo were all like this not too long ago before they became more diverse. However that does mean that Argyle does not take transfers in. Some of you guys keep talking about Yates transfers. Those kids like everyone else can not choose their height. If they had went to another school in a higher classification, they still be dominant because they are just that good. They are of age and have been cleared through the UIL. So it goes back to why is there all of the hatred for Yates? And there is only one glaring reason. But to be totall
  4. AAW, I agree with you with on this. The UIL has always used this process of pairing teams for the state tournament. Yates has played both Kimball and Madison each twice for the State Championship and Lancaster once for the title game. All three schools are predominantly African-American schools in the Dallas area. And Yates have played schools like The Colony, Brookshire Royal, and Kennedale which are not predominantly African-American schools in the state semi-finals. Like you said it is coincidental, luck of the draw, or whatever you want to call it when it comes to these pairings at the sta
  5. 4A is seeded the same way. Yates and Argyle has the highest winning percentage of games played. Yates .867 Stafford .780 F.Family .649 Argyle .892 Yates and Argyle are opposite of each other. The UIL then draws on who the remaining two teams will play against.
  6. Now we know what's legal,ethical, and moral are usually not one in the same. It should be, but it's not. And this goes way beyond high school sports.
  7. Yes, Yates feeder school was in the middle school tournament. It was Cullen Middle School. There were several teams from HISD. Meyerland, MC William's, McReynolds, and Attucks. Some of these schools were not the best teams in HISD. Since this was not a UIL sanctioned event and the real coaches could not coach, some schools opted not to get in it for whatever reason. Some people that post on this site have no idea about HISD. But what you did do is let the cat out of the bag about Silsbee 8th graders and now the whole city and maybe the whole state is well aware how good they are and someone j
  8. Nobody says anything when these small town schools beat the big city small schools in other sports like football. You guys can't have it both ways. And the majority of these smaller town schools can compete with and beat pretty much all of the smaller schools in Houston with the exception of Yates.
  9. HISD has open enrollment, which means any student can go to any school in the district from elementary to high school. As long as the school has room for them. And Yates has plenty of room since about 1000 or more kids leave the zone everyday to attend other high schools. That policy has been around since the late 90's long before Yates Basketball came on the scene. The UIL is very aware of the policy. Like Sportsjunkie32 said HISD is not doing Yates any favors. If all of kids that lived in Yates zone went to Yates, then Yates would be at least 5A, but probably a 6A school. And when Yates was
  10. Doakes is originally from Arkansas and when he moved to Houston he enrolled and played at Milby first then transferred to Pro Vision, then Yates within a year or so. Therefore looking like he is transferring for athletic reasons. Whoever advised this kid and his family screwed him out of his Sr. year. All is not lost, he is still a D1 level player and will be playing somewhere next season.
  11. Evans had to take the ACT yesterday. He came and played in the second half. He had 2 TDs and over 100 yards rushing.
  12. Most of those kids now attend Fort Bend Marshall. You have several Yates Alumni who are football coaches at Marshall and they know the talent of the local middle schools in HISD and know how to get those kids to attend Marshall. You also have several former Yates football players who send their sons to play at Marshall instead of Yates. Also you have kids that are zoned to Yates attending other schools. It's alot easier to field a basketball team than it is to field a football team.
  13. In all fairness to FBM, that team last year lost one of their starting DB's to a senseless murder right after the Huntsville game and before the CC Calallen game and the funeral was two days before the Aledo game. So those kids were not mentally ready to play any football game. To play against one of the best teams in Texas this decade in Aledo was a tall order. However that was last year, FBM just beat A&M Consolidated who beat Huntsville, the common opponent for both teams. I was at the Crosby game and Huntsville had trouble with Crosby's speed and playmaking ability. So Huntsville can't
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