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  1. Is this not common knowledge? I am very familiar with (I gonna use layman's terms) the alligator method aka the Mustang method (I had renamed it so would apply to the large margin of victory Silver&Blue had against siLsbee). If I were out to disprove the theory though, I would plug the following into the equation. Carthage (team A) beat Jasper (team B). Jasper(team B ) beat siLsbee (team C). team A (Carthage) will be beat team C (siLsbee) a VERY sound application of the transitive property.
  2. true that. how the Lumberjacks doing tonight so far?
  3. Liberty has been a tough out for a lot of teams the past couple seasons. The Silver&Blue will get some act right (or Coach T will smack right) and win this game.
  4. HA HA I got yall! We are really without Carl tonight. but that score is backward that I first post.
  5. 28-0 Shepherd is up. The DAWGS are without Carl Limbrick tonight. I don't know why he isn't playing.
  6. now now 92 be nice. They said the Titantic wouldn't sink. it's first time out we all know how that went.😯
  7. Reckon his days of being on McMurry University then Texas Tech coaching staffs had something to do with that? 🤔
  8. The week we played Newton was when were originally scheduled to play the Silver&Blue but issues stemming from Laura and I think covid19 caused them to have to cancel. The coaches were able to get the Varsity game set up for that week pretty much last minute type deal. As far as why our JV isn't playing Shepherd's JV this week, I honestly don't know (Maybe low numbers of participation on Shepherd end???).
  9. lol. the rough when I posted that with my first Alzheimer thought was meaning it was gonna be rough on the young DAWGS. the varsity PurpleBeast have started to get things together.
  10. I don't care who you are, that is funny sh** right there!!!
  11. duh! my dumbass for whatever reason (maybe early signs of dementia) said it may be rough because I thought it was Newton Varsity playing our JV. lmao. Newton JV playing the DAWGS. Won't be so bad afterall.
  12. What a great game for our young DAWGS to play! While it maybe a rough one it still be good experience.
  13. Btw, did Palestine beat San Marcos in 1964 by a score of 24-15? (take it easy on ole JasperDAWG he was just having fun. Damn it's Monday why not?)
  14. Me! Me! Me!( raising my hand above my head wanting to answer a question) Because this is a thread about Jasper lol I just gonna but into all conversations today. lol. Damn it I am always speaking to my son about feeling entitled and here I am doing that exact thing. lol. anyway, back to my hand raising. The Silver&Blue beat Jasper 18-16 the week before they played Carthage. A damn good game it was!
  15. I thought you all were aware of me being (patent pending) the walking talking encyclopedia of highschool football.😉 Come on guys! can't we have some fun? when I look at an 12-0-1 record I see an undefeated team. Therefore I consider them champs. The obstacle being that damn thing called "official" that prevents yall from joining me. 😊 You BOOGER Bears you!
  16. You again! (for those who don't know house is a Mrmetoo member of the other highschool football forum we are all familiar with) I am gonna start with it is interCeption not interseption. In what interview and/or article did Coach Surratt speak of the individual play that resulted in Andre Thomas making a great play and break on the ball that he intercepted? The play was a good call, receiver ran good route and to be honest Kai Horton's throw was on the money. Andre just made a HELLUVA play and took it the other way for about 80 yards. Dude it's over and I for one am ov
  17. My friend, pardon me for interrupting. You are correct about Vidor going 6-4 in 1963. I am sorry but about 1964 you are incorrect. In 1964 the Vidor Pirates did NOT go to the semi finals. Under the guidance of Coach Edgar Payne the Pirates were as you said 6-4 in 1963. Come 1964 the Pirates' record was 12-0-1 and crowned State Champions. **Coach Payne had been on the Texas Tech coaching staff before he "threw his Vs up, and came to Vidor". 🖖
  18. Green&Gold teddy bears were against their will taken to the infamous shed.
  19. I said this past summer that Diboll come play off time gonna be a tough out and liable to make a DEEP run. I still stand by that statement. Good job Lumberjacks on your win!!
  20. Them Pirates putting it on them green&gold teddy bears!
  21. Considering our JV is made up with a lot of Freshmen and Carthage played their full JV the 26-14 hit on the chin the DAWGS took is nothing to hang their heads over. Good job J-DAWGS!
  22. So has he been at Livingston? Or move there this year?
  23. *******N/A are any of these terms if a team has 2 or less wins the 3 prior seasons******* one other NOTE my friend- "try seeing things thru rose colored glasses "
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