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    • PNG@Dayton
      j Aj has played extremely well this year.  From the 3 games I've seen Dayton play the edge defense is good.  The middle is soft and so is the secondary.  Orebo and pike have looked good on defense.  My buddy called me after the Nederland game and he was completely disgusted.  He seems to think there is more to Dayton losing than "not having the talent!" He knows the kids personally some of these kids tell stories that if they got out it would be a mess. Going to be an interesting off season.  I hope Dayton can turn it around but I don't see it happening.  I pray all kids go injury free for the remainder of the year.  
      The hill is praying for you
    • JASPER
      I don't care what matters to you and you will get my opinion. 
    • JASPER
      What comments do I have to be concerned about to be "getting called out on" . I'm pretty sure I haven't posted lies or talked negatively about anyone or team. 
      Here are my thoughts. Crosby is a great school district who is obviously going through some tough times right now. I think as a district mate of Crosby that I would like to offer up my thoughts and prayers for all of the affected, and all of the kids in the district. I would even consider buying something from the fundraising to help in whatever small way that I could. Remember THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO THE KIDDOS of the district. They deserve better than whatever has hit the school. I hope and pray that the situation is fixed in the near future and also hope for the best for the departing coaches and teachers.  Your fellow district mate and a PN-G Indian. 
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