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      You are correct...that is not a fantastic record. However, don't you think being successful is a little bit deeper than just winning and losing? He may be a good football coach...he may not be. I don't know but I'm not going to judge him on his win loss record at a school that traditionally does not win much in football.  I thought he was the coach when they broke that playoff drought years back. AHuddleston says that was under Franklin, but wasn't Joubert the coach when they returned to the playoffs the next year? If you want to win, you have to have athletes. Bill Belichick was 36-44 in five years with the Browns. 214-74 with the Patriots over 18 years. Is he that much better of a coach since he left Cleveland? I'm sure he's better because of experience, but it has just been a better situation with some great players along the way. Point is, Joubert has had a good season with some athletes. Maybe it was a fluke? Maybe it was the only time he has been able to field kids where they weren't completely outmatched? Maybe his win/loss record would be completely different in a different situation. Do you think he would have the same win/loss record over the past four years if he was the head coach at WOS? No, he would be in the playoffs making deep runs because the level of athletes (not saying he would have made it to the title game). Maybe he would do better there. Maybe not, but I don't think he would do much different than Martel and Sloan.   
    • Segregation Now
      STARBUCKS you guys will argue over any and everything. 5 day conversation.
      If you want to hire a puppet to coach football so you can stay decent at thump-thump, be my guest. I'm sure WO-S, Liberty, Silsbee and HF will really appreciate it. 
    • UIL Adds Instant Replay to Football State Championships
      If the technology exists there is no reason not to use it.  
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