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  1. Top Jr. Teams

    Can’t we all just get along lol  
  2. STJFL Seniors Talks

    Came to this thread to hear football talk. Looks like every other thread 
  3. Stop complaining and HELP

    I agree with you. A lot of people on these threads do put in a whole lot of time and have dealt with stjfl and presented evidence without answers. That’s how it all got started. But it’s all good. Now let’s play some football
  4. Week 4 Upset Predictions not Rumors

    I’m with you man. I was just checking. This thread has been over the top. People turning debates into snitches get ditched and getting crazy
  5. Week 4 Upset Predictions not Rumors

    Was that directed at me. I thought the d word wouldn’t be a big deal
  6. Kid’s are off Limits

    Your right I created this account a couple of years ago for this particular thread
  7. Week 4 Upset Predictions not Rumors

    Haha I was like damn
  8. Kid’s are off Limits

    If I remember right the pee wee white game was a touchdown difference. Pretty good game
  9. Kid’s are off Limits

    My kids are done man. I’m just involved
  10. Kid’s are off Limits

    Actially I don’t have no association with jr black. It will be a great game though. I’m out fellas. We’ll do it again sometime

    We will keep it civil. This isn’t going anywhere. For some reason you think everyone’s after PA. The ETHICS COMMITTEE and Juan was the biggest issue. There’s stuff going on outside of PA man. On the real this was fun. We’ll do it again sometime. See everybody on the field. All BS aside I just love football
  12. Kid’s are off Limits

    I can’t  figure out why every time someone questions PA about anything they are scared. How can I put this. We are not scared of PA. The issue is the fact that the kid goes to nederland and plays for PA. People keep asking because no one gets answers.  I’ll say it again. We are not scared of PA. We are not crying. We just want to know if this issue was handled properly. Are president can’t do much cause the ethics committee sucks. Does that clear it up. 

    Poppa actually goes to nederland schools unlike some of your kids. Before you say it I know I know. When you get called out for breaking the rules we’re crying and scared

    Obviously your from PA. Don’t be all upset. Actually when Nederland got in trouble they got in trouble. No one is complaining. You keep spinning peoples words like we’re scared of PA. I don’t use youth football to make me feel good about myself. Hell yeah I want to win. If I lose whatever. The point in this thread is the ethics commitee and stjfl. You won’t sweep the league I promise you that. I’m sure you’ll get some Super Bowls. In flag no one can match their speed. Too big too physical cool. I know how y’all teach football-anything goes. That’s why discipline kills y’all when their older. No one is saying they don’t deserve it or we’re crying. We’re saying there’s favoritism in this league with several teams. And quite frankly PA always has some BS they try to pull every year and they know it and everybody knows it and we accept it but they don’t even need to. I don’t want y’all kicked out. I want a third party ethics committee. PA got kicked out and now they are head the ethics committee. Hmmm

    You obviously don’t know much. I do feel sorry for everyone donating their time to get the shaft by stjfl. Rules areant the same across the board. People are fed up. Your obviously on the good side of things. Tell Juan hi. I don’t do soft football but I do fair. If we lose we lose but it’s unfair to the kids. And don’t worry PA won’t sweep everything. They can’t tough Nederland Junior Black