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  1. Superbowl Matchup Predictions

    Crickets. LoL 
  2. Superbowl Matchup Predictions

    Thank y’all. Appreciate it
  3. Superbowl Matchup Predictions

    Does anyone mind posting all the scores. Hard to find them. I know it was a PA sweep but I was wondering all games and divisions big and small scores if anybody knows
  4. Superbowl Matchup Predictions

    Pa beat PNG in double overtime. Wish I would have been there
  5. Superbowl Matchup Predictions

    Someone who can’t use profanity due to site rules. I’m sorry I’m not cool like you. 
  6. Superbowl Matchup Predictions

    You know how jealous you sound. I’ve been reading and not commenting but your a douche bag. Just my thoughts of the day
  7. Round 2 Predictions

    It’s about to go down big baby
  8. Top Jr. Teams

    Can’t we all just get along lol  
  9. STJFL Seniors Talks

    Came to this thread to hear football talk. Looks like every other thread 
  10. Stop complaining and HELP

    I agree with you. A lot of people on these threads do put in a whole lot of time and have dealt with stjfl and presented evidence without answers. That’s how it all got started. But it’s all good. Now let’s play some football
  11. Week 4 Upset Predictions not Rumors

    I’m with you man. I was just checking. This thread has been over the top. People turning debates into snitches get ditched and getting crazy
  12. Week 4 Upset Predictions not Rumors

    Was that directed at me. I thought the d word wouldn’t be a big deal
  13. Kid’s are off Limits

    Your right I created this account a couple of years ago for this particular thread
  14. Week 4 Upset Predictions not Rumors

    Haha I was like damn