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  1. Golden Triangle Youth Football Showcase

    Dawg we going to try and make this happen bro I’m keep y’all in the loop 
  2. Golden Triangle Youth Football Showcase

    Lol yea that’s why we trying to get all the facts down as for as how this goes cuz the key words is allstar showcase so these other teams are coming with talent 
  3. Golden Triangle Youth Football Showcase

    Mannn I got a friend who put on a showcase in February all star team man we looking to have a golden triangle region and go compete i think we can make this happen 
  4. Week 4 Junior Picks

    Ha yea I seen my iPhone tripped when I was typing ISO 12 (autocorrect) Bottomline Pa wins super bowl this year 
  5. Week 4 Junior Picks

    Nobody was working up when you have to organization combine that was already good by they self the final product suppose to look dominate. the Titans was already good playing  the pa Cheif had some ball players too when y’all combine I told boys everything was going to run thru Pa. when every BEAUMONT we see the bigger picture they will be able to handle what pa has. You got 9 teams in Bmt different leagues talent is spreaders our 
  6. Week 4 Junior Picks

    Oh ok 
  7. Week 4 Junior Picks

    Hey did y’all RB for Ned-b come from pa 
  8. Week 4 Junior Picks

    Those first two games they gave it away  Saturday game they was out matched against pa. They handled HF in a scrimmage but we will see what they do 
  9. Really, PNGYFA?

    So png canceled games because of field conditions 
  10. Week 4 Junior Picks

    After seeing both Pa teams play with my own eyes nobody will beat them they are two strong and big and fast  also i think EBT beats HF 
  11. Newsflash Vidor is not to happy with PNG

    What happen this weekend with them
  12. JR week 3 Predictions

    Soooo PAB DONT really have a lineman #noted