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  1. Junior Playoffs

    Looking at the updated standings, the junior division big school playoff picture should be clear by now. Can someone shed some light on how the playoff bracket would look like?
  2. Junior Playoffs

    would be nice if STJFL would update the scores/standings on the website
  3. Junior Playoffs

    Not that we will be in them, but does anyone know when the playoffs bracket will be established for juniors? Interested in watching some of the games
  4. Week 7 JR Scores

    Keep deflecting, my man
  5. Week 7 JR Scores

    Contributions?  Oh, like telling a woman to change a tampon.  Gotcha. Good advice for the league. 
  6. Week 7 JR Scores

    DEM BOYZ - 314 posts BMF - 224 posts Me - 118 posts.  But I live on this site and troll  Lol  
  7. Week 7 JR Scores

    My apologies. 8th grade conversation level throws ya'll off
  8. Week 7 JR Scores

    Point. Missed. 
  9. Week 7 JR Scores

    Keeping NYFA classy, one post at a time. 
  10. Week 7 JR Scores

    Ahh. There's the "troll". Can we please get a synonym? 
  11. Week 7 JR Scores

    Come on, the kids these days say deez nuts. At least follow suite. 
  12. Week 7 JR Scores

    You say that as if you think I really care about our record.  I have a life outside of kiddie football, don't need to win to feel special and worthy. But keep talking. It's funny. 
  13. Week 7 JR Scores

    You sir, are a just a dumba$$.  There. It's been said. 
  14. Post Junior Scores for Week 6

    NYFA must be so proud of you.