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  1. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    No doubt Angleton has better kids, but a sound fundamental coach that can teach kids to block the right person and line up right can make a bad team relatively competitive.  I dont think Alvin will ever be a power house in football because the ethnicity in Alvin is a huge factor but they do have some good hard nose blue collar kids that can easily go 5-5 and slip into the playoffs every other year.
  2. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    They had to hire someone to save face.  Teykl had some really good years at Terry.  If the former coach had a clue how to run the wing T it can be a successful offense.  Angleton goes to the playoffs every year and runs the same offense.  But Hardin couldn't even line up right.  Hopefully this guy will invest in the community, hire some good coordinators and win some games next year
  3. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    You must be a Democrat, if you hate DT and the triple option you're just a flat out liberal
  4. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Donald Trump
  5. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Hearing whispers of a former Terry Ranger coach coming to Alvin.  
  6. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Pretty sure it will be an in house yes man.  But at this point who knows.  It's very hush hush right now.  Pretty sure all who were involved are just trying to save face at this point
  7. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    I can 100% tell you he didnt turn the job down.  
  8. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Nope he didnt decline, again why would he have declined a job he applied for 2 years in a row ?Kirk Botkin was the guy he coached in HS.  I really hope the school board does the right thing and gets rid of this AD before he does anymore damage.  Meanwhile in Stinkadena...
  9. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Wouldnt you after you have been turned down 2 years in a row for a lesser choice?  Last year was the joke from Cy wherever who blessed us with an 0-10 season and this year he was passed over by the AD so he could hire some guy he coached in high school.  I hope he takes the job and gets Alvin on the schedule and beats the brakes off of us, but here in the big A the collusion continues. Meanwhile even Stinkadena is smart enough to know when to hire a good coach.  
  10. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Since November LOL
  11. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Pretty sure it's a dumpster fire at this point.  My guess is they will stay in house in case they have another guy turn it down it wont go public. Hearing they want the DC at Shadow Creek but he doesnt want it
  12. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Pretty sure he wouldnt have applied 2 yrs in a row if he didnt want the job.  And also pretty confident he would have brought a legend coach with him.  Great move passing on him twice
  13. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Correct that was a hire by the superintendent but I highly doubt AD stood up and said that he disagreed with it.  I'm sure he just tucked his tail.  That being said he had a chance to make it right this year by hiring the Fwood DC but like always, just couldn't do the right thing for Alvin.  But you just keep on defending him Lancaster
  14. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    I've heard Van Meter was told by AD that they didnt do retire rehires, which talking with a school board official they do this quite often with teachers.  Have a feeling he didnt want Van to begin with.  
  15. Alvin HS- Big Hire

    Yes they would, look at who they hired last year.  Guy had a losing record everywhere he went.  Hell the kids didnt even have helmets at two a days.