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  1. Willowridge @ Nederland

    Great run & physical play to get in the endzone by #2. I will take a DB getting trucked when hes fighting through a block & making an effort to stop a runner at the goal line any day. If we gonna talk about a player & icu comments getting trucked to embarress a player then we can talk about the many more good plays #15 made in the game including  several deep pass attempts in the redzone by png that were unsuccessful becuz of blanket coverage by #15.  As far as the icu comment, it will take just as many good hits as Mr. Johnson took in the mcm game & quite a bit more to get #15 off the field.  Also might want to check the passing stats QB #2 has had the last 3 years versus Ned DB's led by #15. Will not be much to brag about for such a highly ranked "DUAL Threat qb. Congrats on your little bros win over Nederland well earned & well deserved. best wishes to Mr. Johnson & png in the playoffs.        
  2. Nederland 45 Crosby 22/FINAL

    Can’t never count the coogs fast break offense out tho
  3. Crosby@Nederland

    There was no weakness with Stansbury or Riggs with Nederland secondary. Every pass stansbury caught was under 8 yds in the 1st half becuz he was tackled immediately after short receptions & Ned db’s stepped up & shut down big plays by all png wr’s all nite & intercepted png 2 times  13-24 99yds equals about 7yds a catch compared to about 9 yds a carry by Mr. Johnson even the dumbest coach knows to let Mr. Johnson run becuz the wr’s were not getting it done.  Mr. Stansbury was given what Ned db’s wanted to give them then tightened up coverage on him on 3rd downs which amounts to not much of an advantage .Come on man give credit when credit is due to Ned secondary,Faircloth & his offensive coaches went away from the pass becuz Ned db’s shut it down & Knew Mr. Johnsons running ability was png  best option to win 
  4. DEFENSE-POINTS ALLOWED PER GAME 5 GAMES 1.Nederland-16.6 pts  2.SANTE FE-26.2/ PNG-26.2 4.B.H.-33.6 5.VIDOR-39.6 6.CROSBY-40.2 7.LEE-42.4 8.DAYTON-43.6 OFFENSE- POINTS SCORED PER GAME 5 GAMES 1.PNG-45.2 2.B.H.-40.4 3.NED-38.6 / CROSBY-38.6 5.LEE-32 6.VIDOR-28.4 7.DAYTON-28 8.SANTE FE-19.6  
  5. Nederland @ Vidor

     Bottom line is Ned team has showed up focused, made the plays & handled their business for 7 weeks, if they do the same this week & the next 2 after they have a solid chance at winning game #8. #9 & #10 
  6. Nederland @ Vidor

    NEDERLAND RUSHING LEADERS  AFTER 7 GAMES  K. SCOTT -83 rushes- 738 yards- 8 td's- 8.89 yds average a carry- 105 yds per game J. MAZYCK-68 rushes- 560 yards- 8 td's- 8.23 yds average a carry- 80yds per game
  7. Nederland @ Vidor

    i will get info tonite   
  8. Nederland @ Vidor

    District Stats 4 games Nederland Offense-38 pts scored a game  Ned. Defense- 15 pts allowed a game TEAM OFFENSIVE STATS/DEFENSIVE STATS DISTRICT GAMES Sante Fe- 24 pts scored a game/ 21 pts allowed a game. Nederland win 21-0. Ned D held them 24 pts under average B.H--44 pts scored a game/ 34 pts allowed a game. Nederland win 27-21. Ned D held them 23 pts under average Dayton- 35 pts scored a game/ 45 pts allowed a game. Nederland win 49-20. Ned D held them 15 pts under average. Ned defensive starters were pulled middle of 3rd quarter allowed 13pts while on the field   Lee-33 pts scored a game/ 49 pts allowed a game. Nederland win 55-21. Ned D held them 12 pts under average. Ned defensive starters allowed 14 pts,  Ned defensive starters were pulled middle of 3rd quarter allowed 14pts while on the field  Vidor-30 pts scored a game/ 34 pts allowed a game Crosby-40 pts scored a game/ 38pts allowed a game Png-44 pts scored a game/ 35pts allowed a game      3 Key stats in this-Nederland 4 district wins,Nederland offense is putting up enough points to win & Nederland D holding offenses double digits under their normal scoring average so far in 4 games District leaders Ned & png both 4-0    Nederland has district wins over 2 3-1 teams & 2 0-4 teams. Png has 3 wins over 3 0-4 teams & 1 2-2 team                                                                                                                                                                           
  9. Nederland @ Vidor

     are bh eagles fan?
  10. Nederland @ Vidor

    Nederland 1st team D has given up 12.57 points per game. Vidor offense will come out & put that to the test Friday   
  11. Lumberton @ BC

    The Williams kid #23 for L-Town is a force on the D-Line. He will wreck havoc in b.c. backfield all game.  
  12. Nederland @ Vidor

    Both Ned. O-LINE & D-LINES have been solid all year. If you like old school, tough, hard hitting, physical football this is what Nederland vs. Vidor  game is about. Winner of this game usually gets a key turnover or 2

    Nederland head baseball coach teaches math. Always tutoring any kids that need help,before,during & after school 

    Feelings are mutual, I"m sure setxsports guys will take the Vype article link down,the post down or shut down any adults saying inappropriate things. Keep doing you,have a blessed night & hope nothing but the best for R. Johnson who is one of the best QB's to play at png or in the 409.