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  1. NEDERLAND STRENGTHS- Defense,Offensive line & Senior Leadership weakness- self inflicted mistakes on offense in the red zone negating td's, snaps on punts & center to qb snaps when starting qb goes out 
  2. Silsbee vs Bridge City

    Silsbee is a solid team on both sides of the ball. I doubt bc running game is anywhere close to Newton & Nederland so Tiger defense should shut bc running game down. Too many play makers in the secondary that will come up & hit you for Silsbee also,not sure if bc passing game will be able to do much either. Silsbee offense has about 5 or 6 guys that can take it in for 6 on any play. Unless Silsbee stops themselves with turnovers & penalties this game is theirs by as many points as they want to put up
  3. Vidor at lcm....... predictions....

    Pirates might hit the 60 point\600 yard rushing mark in this game...  
  4. Nederland missed 2 kicking attempts as well in the WOS game. This years wos team is far from weak imo & WOS will make another successful run in district & the playoffs
  5. Nederland vs Silsbee

    Any Silsbee peeps know how the field held up during the last few days of rain? Not sure it will be soaked enuff for what the dawgs are used too at home........ 
  6. #11 Fernandez for Nederland had 1864 passing yards & 24 passing td's in 2017 running the run 1st Nederland offensive scheme.  In 2016 #11 Fernandez was the QB hitting perkins on some of the deep balls. Also #11 is the same Nederland QB that used his passing ability to drive team down the field with several passess for the last passing td versus png & threw a perfect out route pass over png defender for the winning 2 pt conversion. Not sure why some think he's not a good passer,when stats & winning big games proves it. 
  7. Loss of lewis hurts, but u have 3 other legit DB returners leading the defense & all equally can be called best players on defense led by 3 year starting all state  DB Landon Hiltz, #2  Adam Roccaforte, #4 Brycen Grusecki arguably the best secondary in the area,  #9 Hunter Sonnier & #71 desean somersall have also stepped up huge leading D-line & #25 Jordan Huckabay & #33 Crowder Brown are making plays at LB. #11 Blaysin Fernandez play & leadership can’t be topped by anyone, this senior class is athletic & talented been winniing at every sport since 6 yrs old together.  Best statement made is Nederland is a team that plays together & for each other & wins games, no one on the team cares about being superstars 
  8. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    Finding a RB to replace D. Simmons solid production last 2 years is biggest key to Nederland offense & finding a couple players to make plays at LB & D-LINE is key for Defense. QB,O-LINE,WR'S,FB & DB positions will be fine. K. Latulas was a great wr & made numerous big plays last yr & will be greatly missed,but their are several players with the skills to help put just enuff points on the board to salvage their season. PNG & VIDOR are solid teams,always give any team tough games & will be in the middle of the playoff mix ,Dayton is good enuff to upset a few teams. Don't know much about Crosby,BH or Sante Fe for legit comments. Wish an injury free season to all & best of luck to all        
  9. Two a days.... i

    Its all good, if you try really,really,really hard you might can get over your negative issues & statements about Nederland Football & their players. Not sure why a championship winning player & coach with enuff rings for both hands like you from a powerhouse dynasty program like John Curtis La. lets "move ins" or anything about Nederland Tx concern him? On another note i have the upmost respect for Shug Johnson hes been one of the best football players at any level versus any competition since my sons jr league days & is an even better person always respectful,well mannered & humble. Hell Mr. Johnson would even be the best player at John Curtis    
  10. Two a days.... i

    Nice facts about John Curtis & congrats on your rings & success. Not sure you know facts on Nederland like your statement they are a decent district team with P.A. backs & wr.s but not much in playoffs. Then it changed to "move ins" I could post stats that shows Nederland is as good or better than most teams in the 409 in playoffs last 25 yrs with move ins & without move ins. I was born in Sulphur,LA. & grew up in North Houston, so i guess with your theory my my kids are move ins at Nederland 
  11. Two a days.... i

    Guess your "color blind glasses" comment meant something else? Not sure people moving into Nederland with their kids in elementary school is equal to John Curtis getting top players thats proven to move in.
  12. Two a days.... i

    Let me get this straight your saying only white kids can be from Nederland & because a kids parents are not from Nederland the kids even though grew up in nederland schools represent the town their parents grew up in?  
  13. Two a days.... i

    Who are these P.A. Backfield guys the last few years at Ned? 
  14. https://www.panews.com/2018/06/30/baseball-mid-county-names-all-star-team/