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  1. Yes, they played each other last year and They play each other tomorrow night in a District game. Should be a good one.
  2. YMBL Tournament Champions- Little-Cypress Mauriceville 2nd Place-Bridge City 3rd Place-Hardin Jefferson 4th Place-Orangefield MVP-Chrissy Joseph/LCM Congratulations to All The Teams
  3. Here is the Pool Play for Thursday for the YMBL Volleyball Tournament:
  4. Who won out of Huffman and BC? I’m sure that was a good game.
  5. Rudder and Oak Ridge. What area are they from? You think BC will be able to get past Rudder and Oak Ridge?
  6. Gold Bracket for Tomorrow. What is your prediction?
  7. The tournament starts today. Post scores here.
  8. The scores were close 26-24, 25-20, 25-15. Bridge City went (39-6 overall) last year. That record is going to be hard to beat this year with Huffman and Nederland still on the schedule for BC to face. With OF moving down to 3A, they will easily make the playoffs.
  9. No...from tournaments this past weekend. Records thus far.
  10. Does anyone know the standings for 3a and 4a?
  11. Yes...that is her. She is basically taking the place of Harlee. She is very good. She can serve, hit, block and play back row. I really think they are going to be better than last year. BC played Nederland and Orangefield Friday in a scrimmage and beat them both 25-23. I know its just a scrimmage but I don't think BC has beat Nederland in a long time.
  12. I saw OF play and that have a solid team this year. They will be in the playoffs fur sure.
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