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Just now, KF89 said:

Who in their right mind would hire Morris for college after his last run??? 

That’s what I am trying to figure out… but that’s what is reported. Every where he has been it’s been a disaster, and left in shambles 

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38 minutes ago, KF89 said:

Who in their right mind would hire Morris for college after his last run??? 

He was a failure as a college HC.  He’s probably being hired  as an assistant.  Like many who aren’t head coaching material are good assistant coaches.

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Chad Morris coaching career,  where ever he goes he won't stay long.


Coaching career (HC unless noted)
1994–1997 Eustace HS (TX)
1998–1999 Elysian Fields HS (TX)
2000–2002 Bay City HS (TX)
2003–2007 Stephenville HS (TX)
2008–2009 Lake Travis HS (TX)
2010 Tulsa (AHC/OC/QB)
2011–2014 Clemson (OC/QB)
2015–2017 SMU
2018–2019 Arkansas
2020 Auburn (OC/QB)
2021–present Allen HS (TX)
Head coaching record
Overall 18–40 (college)
169–38 (high school)


SMU Mustangs (American Athletic Conference) (2015–2017)
2015 SMU 2–10 1–7 T–5th (West)  
2016 SMU 5–7 3–5 5th (West)  
2017 SMU 7–5[n 1] 4–4 T–3rd (West) Frisco[n 1]
SMU: 14–22 8–16 * Departed SMU for Arkansas before bowl game
Arkansas Razorbacks (Southeastern Conference) (2018–2019)
2018 Arkansas 2–10 0–8 7th (Western)  
2019 Arkansas 2–8[n 2] 0–6[n 2] (Western)[n 2]  
Arkansas: 4–18 0–14



1994- Eustace- 5-5

1995- Eustace- 5-5 

1996- Eustace- 5-5

1997- Eustace- 11-1

1998- Elysian Fields- 12-4

1999-  Elysian Fields- 14-2

2000- Bay City- 14-1 (State Title)

2001- Bay City- 14-2

2002- Bay City- 6-5

2003-Stephenville- 6-4

2004- Stephenville- 10-1

2005- Stephenville- 13-1

2006- Stephenville- 10-2

2007- Stephenville- 10-2

2008- Lake Travis- 16-0 (State Title)

2009- Lake Travis- 16-0 (State Title)

2021- Allen- 11-3


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On 5/13/2022 at 1:15 PM, navydawg31 said:

If hired he’s got only 7 years or he is out and considered a major failure. 

There aren't that many things in life that are guaranteed but Briles winning a State Title has about a 95% guarantee rate.  He may not do it 1 or 2 years but I'm REAL confident before 7 years!  Why?  Because 98% of the time this is what Elite and potential Elite coaches do!

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