Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy thanksgiving to all on this site!! Especially lets be thankful for an uninterrupted high school football season. Everything can be taken away at the drop of a hat, so let’s appreciate the great season so far and what is to come!!! 👍🏻✝️🐻

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    • Ah yes, the Obamacare ruling. I do think that he very likely will rule to keep Roe v. Wade in full effect because of stare decisis but I also think there is a chance that he might side with modifying it. The Mississippi law does not exactly go against part of Roe v. Wade anyway. That decision says that the state cannot restrict abortions at all within the first trimester but the current Mississippi law at 15 weeks prohibiting abortion is outside the first trimester. In the second trimester Roe went by viability standard and potentially some other issues. In the last trimester is take it out right now and abortions period. Planned Parenthood v. Casey actually overturned some parts of Roe already. Sotomayor made one of the most stupid comments by saying that people will think the Court is political. Basically you cannot vote against Roe v. Wade because of politics. Apparently she has not read some of her own decisions if she thinks politics does not enter into it. I agree that it should not but she of all people is being hypocritical to the max.
    • This may or may not be interesting to some people. I thought about this when talking about incidents in Orange County and Port Arthur. It is about police jurisdiction in Texas. Neither the Texas Penal Code nor the Code of Criminal Procedures (CCP) (which lists the authority to arrest) distinguishes between on and off duty peace officers. It states in what situations a peace officer has the authority to make an arrest but makes no other distinction. That is why people often say that Texas peace officers are on duty 24 hours a day. The law is not stated in those words but the Texas law does not note any kind of difference. The authority to make an arrest by a Texas peace officer is continuous. The CCP under authority to arrest without a warrant (Chapter 14) extends to outside the officer’s jurisdiction except class C traffic charges (basic citations like speeding, running stop sign , etc.) which authority is only “if the offense is committed in the county or counties in which the municipality employing the peace officer is located”. So the CCP gives the authority to arrest as anywhere except for traffic citations which is limited to anywhere in the county that the officer works. Port Arthur has jurisdiction then for traffic citations anywhere in Jefferson or Orange County. If a citation (or arrest) is made in those situations, the officer who is outside of his city has to issue the citation to the proper county precinct. For example a Port Arthur officer can issue a traffic citation in Bridge City but has to issue it in the jurisdiction of the Orange County Justice of the Peace for that precinct. An even further distance example is for instance if a Port Arthur officer was driving through Little Cypress to speak with a witness about something and saw somebody run a stop sign. The officer has the authority to issue a citation to that person or even make an arrest and bring the person to the Orange County jail.  The CCP also says that if a business serves the public it “may not prohibit or otherwise restrict a peace officer or special investigator from carrying on the establishment's premises a weapon that the peace officer or special investigator is otherwise authorized to carry, regardless of whether the peace officer or special investigator (a special investigator under Texas law is a federal agent such as FBI, DEA, etc.) is engaged in the actual discharge of the officer's or investigator's duties while carrying the weapon”. Note that it is regardless if the officer is engaged to an actual discharge of duty. That is basically saying off duty. The NFL a few years ago made a rule that firearms were prohibited in their stadiums by anyone except for an on duty police officer. But…. that does not apply in Texas as officers have 24 hour arrest authority anywhere in the state and that specific law that I quoted above which says it is against the law to stop them from entering. So off duty Texas peace officers can watch Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans football games while carrying their off-duty handgun. To my knowledge that is the only NFL stadiums in the country where a police officers can carry their weapons off duty. The stadiums have a special point of entry at one of the entrance gates where on duty officers hired to work the event check the credentials of the off duty officer and note where the officer will be sitting. I have also done that at Minute Maid stadium for MLB.  So….. in Texas pretty much a cop is a cop no matter when or where. Game wardens, city police, county sheriffs and deputies, constables and deputies, school district police, DA investigator, fire department arson investigators, etc., are all listed as Peace Officers and even though they are hired to do a specific job, they have overall police powers. It is not that way in all states which sometimes distinguish between on and off duty, jurisdiction and what laws they can enforce. In Texas as an example a Texas game warden can make a traffic stop just as if he was a city police officer or a DPS trooper and make an arrest for DWI. City officer can likewise go into an alcohol licensed premises and enforce Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission laws just as if he was state TABC agent. In fact I was inspecting a bar one time and the bartender got in my way and told me to stop. He said that I did not have the authority to make  the inspection since I was not a TABC agent. I explained the law to him and said I was not going to interfere with his business but I was going to make my inspection. Twice more he interfered with my inspection so I arrested him on the spot. TABC suspended the bar’s alcohol license for 14 days (think of the money they lost) and the bartender received 14 days in the county jail for the interference.  Interesting? Not interesting? I do not always agree with the laws just as much as anyone else but I think the way that it functions is interesting. 
    • If it doesn't kill ya it'll make you stronger, the old saying goes.    Who knows? Maybe an efficient and very good slow down team, like Argyle, catches FF napping in the playoffs.
    • Back in the day when Beaumont had Central & Ozen a good Silsbee team could and did run the table in the golden triangle.  Now, with most of the talent headed to BU it is next to impossible to pull that off again.   P.S  Living in the past, I miss Devon McCain pulling a rebound and then coming down hill center court, with superior passing skills, throwing dimes to either  Bush or Jay5. Or he'd take it to the hole himself.  At the high school level that was very potent stuff.    
    • Silsbee is a great team but lets not get to far ahead, Bush, Adams or McCain isn't walking through that door next Tuesday, And even if they did I don't think any of them would be the best player on the court honestly.  But that's Okay, like another poster stated, the main thing for Silsbee is to get better each week and compete for a 4A title.  I do think it will be a very competitive game, and I love that we have two top ranked teams in the State right here in SETX.  Here's to an injury free and successful season for both teams 
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