Ahmaud Arbery Trial

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1 hour ago, Hagar said:

For those that contend that Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been where he was at the shooting, I’m curious why?  Does the mob rule decide where we can be or not be?  You could say the same about Aubrey - he shouldn’t have been there, but you’re wrong again.  Aubrey had every right to be where he was, just like Rittenhouse.  John was innocent just like these guys are guilty.  These three, like the three who attacked John, made bad decisions.  I agree with both verdicts.


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4 hours ago, baddog said:

Yeah, we have to give in to the rioters. For what it’s worth, I think they were guilty of murder and the photographer guilty of accessory. How’s that. It still doesn’t alter the fact that we now have trials and convictions by the media. The fact that blacks threaten to burn and loot, possibly kill if they don’t get their, way is atrocious. Why didn’t whites threaten to loot and burn before the O.J. verdict? Could it be we believe in the law and the courts? If blacks had their way, all black killed were innocent and if killed by white guys or the police, it’s time to riot and burn down cities. If they are killed by a black person, then that is totally acceptable. Please keep feeding me info to digest so I can understand that mentality. 

These guys killed a black guy who they believed was stealing from a construction site. I think there is more to the story than came out in the trial, but it doesn’t excuse them from killing this man. Should I riot, loot, burn, and THREATEN innocent citizens if I thought otherwise?

What on earth are you talking about dude, seek help 

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3 hours ago, Setx fan said:

Just to think if the video wasn’t leaked all 3 of these guys might have gotten away with this.

Yup, 1 mistake away from being just another local cover up that you’d never hear about otherwise


Interesting 🤔

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3 hours ago, Big girl said:

When they killed dude.

But he was already trying to wrestle the gun away when the son shot him. 

Don’t get me wrong… I feel like these guys were out of line, I just wish that I could square what happened away with actual laws that applied. 

I’m happy for mr arbery’s family and I’m happy that we didn’t see an outright miscarriage of Justice in which they got off Scott-free. I think it shows that it’s possible get Justice from a jury down south even if you’re black. 

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18 hours ago, CardinalBacker said:

Did you even watch the video? He was still upright fighting over the gun until the third shot was fired. 

To answer your question, the indictment could very possibly also have been political in nature.  

I’m just saying that there is a whole lot of “shoving a gun in his face” talk without a shred of evidence that it actually occurred. Kinda like “hands up, don’t shoot.”

Would anybody believe that a black man was getting a fair trial when the courthouse was surrounded by hundreds of good ol’ boys? If you think so, you’re kidding yourself.  

That man’s violent nature led to his own death. The video doesn’t lie. 

I did not see this version until now, I saw a photo and a few seconds of video, as I said previously. He didn’t go down with the first shot (which is off camera).

Nothing in that video changes my opinion. The McMichaels used unlawful force to make an unlawful arrest.  EVEN if the arrest was lawful, I have yet to hear an argument that justifies using a shotgun to arrest an apparently unarmed person who is trying to escape.

If the McMichaels use of force was unlawful (I think so and so does the jury), Arbery’s attempt to use force by grabbing the gun was lawful. It is he who did not provoke the incident and has a right to stand his ground.  Both self-defense and a stand your ground laws say that you could not be breaking the law or provoking the incident to use those defenses.

The claims of self-defense by the McMichaels or their using force to stop Arbery’s attack, would be meaningless unless the McMichaels had the legal authority to use the shotgun to stop the unarmed man.

I simply cannot understand the legal justification for using force as they did and again, the state not only indicted them almost within hours of seeing the evidence, they indicted the prosecutor for a cover-up.

Thank goodness one of the convicted murderers that helped cause this, videoed his own evidence against himself.

I am curious to see the evidence against the district attorney. I don’t think legally it can be for just her opinion. I have the suspicion that somebody in her office turn state’s evidence that the district attorney compelled or ask them to overlook the evidence or the alter it. The district attorney was indicted for violating her oath of office and for obstructing a police office. That sounds like the police were trying to file a case or gather further evidence and she did something to interfere or shut it down.

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13 hours ago, CardinalBacker said:

But he was already trying to wrestle the gun away when the son shot him. 

Don’t get me wrong… I feel like these guys were out of line, I just wish that I could square what happened away with actual laws that applied. 

I’m happy for mr arbery’s family and I’m happy that we didn’t see an outright miscarriage of Justice in which they got off Scott-free. I think it shows that it’s possible get Justice from a jury down south even if you’re black. 

It might be beating a dead horse but it appears that the self-defense and stand your ground situation is on the side of Arbery. I believe your statement is correct, you feel like these guys were “out of line”, is pretty much the case. When they were out of line, they unlawfully caused the confrontation by introducing the firearm when not justified. That negates their self defense but justifies Arbery’s self-defense.

It really seems as simple as that.

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