WO-S at Orangefield

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On 10/11/2021 at 2:03 PM, Stangfan#1 said:

All I know is the district championship is on the line it going to be a good game and maybe an high scoring game at that I got to say this orangefield is not going to be no push over team we got to come out and play all 4 quarters if not we going to be in trouble no doubt about that but in my mind I think WOS is going to win 

WOS  42

Orangefield 32

Want be high scoring at all.both teams will try to establish the run. So orangefield will have a couple nice drives and that will be that.28-7.

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1 hour ago, dj said:

Want be high scoring at all.both teams will try to establish the run. So orangefield will have a couple nice drives and that will be that.28-7.

might have mud on the field that will that a a toll on both teams looking at it with the speed west orang stark has in there line this year wo-s will try ang get the QBon the run and on a wet mud field that's not good any coach will tell you this and on top of that better get supports for the  lots of kids go down with twisted knees might lose them for the  playoffs move this game to Vidor

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31 minutes ago, ladybug33 said:

I don't facebook or fakebook yet, I keep saying I will.  Back awhile ago KOGT use to broadcast 2 games, I wonder why the stopped?

I think they were at different times.Not sure though.

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4 hours ago, ladybug33 said:

SMH no WOS broadcast nor streaming. 💩

what's with this has someone lost there mind  IT ONLY COMES DOWN TO THIS ORANGEFIELD AND WEST ORANGE STARK well not only has OF  have a good chance this year to  end the mustangs long DIST WINNING STRIKE AND WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME  ORANGEFIELD  HAS BEATEN  WO-S. the mustangs are sitting at#4 in the state rankings with one lost  one more lost there out lots riding on this game for both teams . the mustangs new QB as young as he is he is getting better and SMARTER EACH GAME   ( QUICK EYES)  reading the defense better .

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14 hours ago, Hagar said:

Not doing this game with a potential DC on line.  Not doing the LCM/Vidor game (as of now) with a potential DC on the line.  Very disappointing.

Yep, and I subscribed to TL just to watch the Vidor football, but a plus, basketball is just around the corner and after that will turn it

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45 minutes ago, exsoftballplayer said:

Yep, and I subscribed to TL just to watch the Vidor football, but a plus, basketball is just around the corner and after that will turn it

Appears Vidor, WOS, OF & LCM need to get a contract with TL.  I admit I had no idea at all the criteria for what games are on & what aren’t.  Anyway, two good games for OC Friday.

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2 minutes ago, ladybug33 said:

I hope it stays that way.  You would think that since OF will not be able to accommodate the WOS crowd, a broadcast would be a sure thing. I hope the Mustangs would have their own  station like other schools have by next year.

Total capacity at OF is 2926. And it seems like 2500 of that is the home side. I may have to walk from KDans, and carry a ladder just to see something from outside the fence. 

I was told they started a class for video production with the installation of the new scoreboard.

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On 10/11/2021 at 2:02 PM, dj said:

I would luv for them to give #17 or #18 more reps at QB. Before the playoffs.they are bigger and throw better. If they get the chance.bcz eventually they will need to throw the ball

#17 has been the QB.

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