Deweyville 40 Hull-Daisetta 14/FINAL

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12 hours ago, Corona_with_Lime said:

Same to you guys.

I’ll tell you one thing, Bland was really good last year at TE/DE but in the backfield this year that kid is a beast. #8 is a workhorse as well. Excellent defensive scheme to have the Berry boys shadow Victorian and Lofton. Victorian is gonna make a few highlight reel plays (the kid is pretty dynamic) but other than a few of those plays, he was held in check most of the night. I’m honestly surprised that DV hasn’t performed better up to this point, they seem really close to last years squad (if not a tad more physical)

Good luck Lime, there's still a lot of football to play bud. DV also had their share of injuries to overcome this year. Thankfully they're healed up and ready to make some noise in District. They do have a good team and great coaching so it should be an exciting ride. 

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7 minutes ago, RedJollyRoger said:

HD sure didn't look the same without big Bryce running around creating havoc on both sides of the ball. I really enjoyed watching that kid play, he was a gamer. Did he end up going anywhere to play?

He was definitely a bruiser in the backfield. I dont think he ended up going to play anywhere but I’m not 100% sure. Seemed like he had DII talent/ability. 

Good luck to you guys and we’re gonna try to pull off a win in Evadale to make things interesting in district!

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15 hours ago, Corona_with_Lime said:

I got logged out a few days ago and couldn’t remember my password. 

As an HD fan, I definitely have an excuse for tonight’s loss….. Deweyville kicked our teeth in!! They were hands down the better TEAM. Much more physical and dominated in the trenches all night on both sides of the ball. HD showed some fight for about 3 quarters of play but they were outmatched, outcoached and outplayed. 

Good luck Pirates on the rest of the season and Bobcats, learn from this loss and work harder. 

Hull Daisetta won a few games. Got hit in the mouth. They’re back to normal now….

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