PNG gets new DC

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2 hours ago, Whoa said:

Yep, and girls coaches too. I'm hearing King to United or Memorial OR could stay and teach only - that's the rumor at other Schools Field Houses.  Some talk about Faircloth too.   They have to honor King's contract less coaching stipends.  Probably about $15,000 total. 6 for football, 2/3 for coordinator then 3 or so for 2 other sports $12-15.  PNG get days for extra time put in at their day rate so around 300 a day for 15 or so days 


Time will tell

Faircloth? Leaving?

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59 minutes ago, NHSBulldogFan said:

As many times as the community went and put for sale signs on his front lawn you actually think he would leave now that they're not...😄

His son will be a Junior his next year, wouldn’t see him leaving till he graduates.

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On 3/13/2021 at 9:18 AM, Reagan said:

I don't know this answer.  But here's the question:  How many players go both ways at Carthage, Aledo, Westlake, and Highland Park?  Just to name a few.

You're pointing out anomalies in the state of Texas.  This point in an argument always bothers me.  People bring up teams that will always be in position to play in state championships to compare teams to.  On paper there are a lot of teams "demographically" that could compete with the teams you put up there.  In fact, look at the demographics of a place like Kingwood Park and College Park in Conroe and try and figure out why they aren't winning more football games.

I don't necessarily think you saying that to compare PNG to those schools, but I see that argument all over the place and it doesn't matter if PNG is tied to it or not.

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On 6/8/2021 at 1:19 PM, Coach85 said:

They’ve already made them. They are talked about in this thread. Wake up dude.

Nothing conclusive was said. Names? Final confirmation of hires? The last word was a “rumor.” Rumors are useless. 

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