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Baseball practice starts tomorrow!  I always look forward to the first game of the high school baseball season, seeing the guys out on the field kind of melts all other problems away, if not for a short while.

The problem is, after my first run through school websites, I don't know where a lot of school's fans are going to go to get that feeling.

Here are the baseball schedules that I currently need:


Nacogdoches Central Heights







High Island



West Hardin

Beaumont Legacy Christian

Port Arthur Bob Hope

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4 hours ago, AggiesAreWe said:

Over 50!!!! WOW!!

Those baseball coaches are so fickle.

People on here counting down the days. smh How about helping getting some schedules?

Get back to your basketball page. LOL

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48 minutes ago, Chester86 said:

I’ll get Chester’s schedule to you.

I did get that. Thank you!

I also got Silsbee's (Thanks STiger85), WO-S'(Thanks, wo-s#1) and Jasper's(Thanks JasperBaseball) and should get those on later today or early tomorrow.

And I got those on in different ways which I'll remind you about:

1.  You can post it here (don't have to do on this thread)

2.  You can pm it to me.

3.  You can text me at (409) 313-4290

4.  You can email me at [email protected]

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I have received a number of schedules (Coach Reneau at Splendora, Coach Seymour at Hamshire-Fannett, Coach Samples at Newton, Pride at Impact with the Nederland, Coach Ashen at Hemphill).  

I am currently updating the boys' basketball, girls basketball and soccer forums and hope to get those up later this afternoon.

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Well, thanks to the help of some coaches and posters, as well as another run through the school websites, I have now pared the number down to 27.  But 3 weeks away from opening pitch I still need some help, folks!

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