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Just now, Pho Rizzle said:

Can someone please tell me how the hell  Nederland beat Crosby ? Injuries ? Refs ? looked past them ?

Or how did PNG beat Nederland who then ripped off 8 straight?

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2 minutes ago, Pho Rizzle said:

Can someone please tell me how the hell  Nederland beat Crosby ? Injuries ? Refs ? looked past them ?

Crosby is on an entirely different level

Players motivated by everyone saying Crosby was going to blow them out. Also Nederland’s defense wanted to show they could hang with a state championship team. 

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On 12/26/2020 at 6:36 PM, Mohead2000 said:

I beg to differ, didn't Nederland beat Crosby this year? FBM just destroyed Nederland 49-0. Nederland could not do anything with FBM speed. Crosby has not seen the speed that FBM has. FBM might be the fastest HS team in the country. FBM has real football players that excel on the track, not track athletes playing football. That is a huge difference. There is not a team in Region 3 5A or 6A that is 14 points better than FBM. That includes North Shore, Katy, Shadow Creek, Manvel, and anyone else. North Shore and Katy will probably beat FBM but it won't be by more than 14 points.

 Coogs may not be 14 pts better but they are 9 pts better today!!!!!!!

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