Orangefield at WOS

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Orangefield is going to have to do what it does best and manage the clock and keep the WOS offense off the field as much as possible.  Averaging 2-4 yards a carry on this defense will be tough to say the least 

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10 minutes ago, mrtomcat said:

I can actually see this game being close for 3 qtrs.

Well i hate to tell you. It want be smalley has done a great job with those kids.problem is w.o strength is there LBS and ur not gonna make a living running at them. Hopefully they can throw some. W.o scores in bunches. So they really will have to go for it alot on 4th down. Just to get that first down.

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19 hours ago, DP#1FAN said:

Orangefield    18

WOS               36

It will be a hard fought game but WOS has to much team speed in this one.

Trust me my friend orangefield is not fist to score 18pts on this mustang defense I can tell you that for sure this Mustangs defense only giving up 6pts a game


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3 minutes ago, mrtomcat said:

I'm just telling you guys....this will be closer than you think!  I guarantee a close game going into the 4th Qtr.  (less than 18 points)

Well OF want score more than 14 and WOS is capable of scoring a bunch.

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