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2 hours ago, stevenash said:

Hearing now that the second hurricane is projected to hit Houston area as a category 2.   Anybody have any thoughts on whether or not it will impact our area enought that we should consider leaving?

I just got out of a meeting with area emergency management and the National Weather Service.

 Until it clears the islands good, it is still up in the air what its track will be. It “could” hit Port Arthur as a Cat 3 and push a huge storm surge. But.... it may not and not just because they change but this one is giving different signals (my words, not NWS). Another conference tonight and one tomorrow morning. The one in the morning is probably really going to tell the tale.

 The problem always is the amount of time it takes to evacuate. 

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1 hour ago, SmashMouth said:

The only reason I consider evacuation is if the electricity goes out. Otherwise, I see no reason for the inconvenience. 

We plan stay and ride it out. Generator is ready if we lose power. If turns into a long outage and we run out of supplies. Then we will move to a more comfortable location where things are more normal. Friends north of houston, or family in Waco. 

Prayers for all to be safe.

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Weather Channel currently has Laura hitting Lake Charles. It can still go further east or west though.

Only way I'd leave is if it's a strong cat 4 or 5. I stayed through Rita, Ike and Harvey. Trying to evacuate for one of these storms is a huge pain. The only people who need to consider leaving is if you're in range of the storm surge.

I wish we could get one of these storms during daylight hours. I'd probably sit on the front porch and watch it blow by then.


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15 hours ago, WOSdrummer99 said:

We plan stay and ride it out. 

Play A took a turn for the worse. I completely underestimated this storm. Left late after midnight. No traffic, cool and quiet. Please stay safe my friends. Property can be replaced, homes repaired. Life is precious.

Stay safe my friends. 

Prayers for all of setx and swla.

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5 hours ago, NetCat said:

Did any of y'all stay? I'm praying for anyone who is down there. Sounds worse by the hour. 

I stayed.  When it was 2 maybe to be a 3, seemed like a good idea.  Now that it’s a 4 working on being a 12, maybe not.   Going to be a long night.

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4 hours ago, Tigers94 said:

Wish it'd hurry up and do what it's gonna do.

I swear The Weather Channel tries to scare everyone to death. It's gonna get a little rough for a few hours tonight, but most everyone should be alright.


17 minutes ago, Hagar said:

I stayed.  When it was 2 maybe to be a 3, seemed like a good idea.  Now that it’s a 4 working on being a 12, maybe not.   Going to be a long night.

Good luck guys, stay as safe as you can. 

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The Cat 4 eye has entered at Cameron.  Max winds 111mph (last report winds were 150mph).   Even the meteorologists are dumbfounded.   Diameter of eye reduced, as did the winds storms.   Est wind gust in Ltown was 100mph, now 80.  Ltown Rain est now at 1.89”.  Power of Prayer?   Natural phenomena?   Either way, good for all of us, so far.

They just said there are some 140mph winds, but some are higher up.  Also, around Hackberry, there are no weather sites.  Lake Charles is getting some right at 100, and the eye is still about 25 miles away.

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2 minutes ago, Tigers94 said:

Looks like we may have dodged a bullet compared to how things could be going. At least here in Silsbee it still ain't bad.

Still have power as of right now.

Still have power in Evadale.   Hope we can keep it.

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