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    • Jiminy Crickets we’re going to get post after post telling us that we are stupid.  This stuff has been hashed and rehashed over and over…..Biden “won” and is the “president”.  That does not mean we have to like it.  That does not mean we have to fall in line with the Democratic gestapo regime.  If I type a long response surely I’ll change people’s minds.  It is simple - how is our country going under this president?  How are those $3 a gallon full-ups hitting you?  How is the 3.5 TRILLION infrastructure plan going to help when less than 20% goes toward infrastructure?  How are those Americans and supporters doing behind enemy lines?  How is that equipment that we left behind for an opposing military force (that’s already struck on our soil)?  I’m not even touching on the oil pipeline shut downs, the vaccine mandates, the mask mandates, and on and on.  Jen Psaki makes me want to claw my eyes out and put a hot poker in my ear.  The border response has been failed fiasco after failed fiasco.  The upcoming recession is going to be a doozy.  The sad thing is that not ONE item mentioned above is a surprise.  You knew exactly what you were getting if you voted for this regime, so you are getting what was promised.  The America Second platform is exactly as ordered.  Never owned a Trump flag, but I’m a simple man.  Argue all you want, this IS NOT GOOD for America.  Maybe we can de-annex Austin and create a safe space for normal people.
    • 🤷‍♂️no big deal he was  nice kid
    • You are right about that. I hate trash talking, and you and the chief drug me down to your level with the unsolicited "Baytown suburb" insult. I never dreamed my simple response about PNG being a Port Arthur suburb would set you off so bad, sorry for the hurt feelings!    Sad thing for your PNG program is that you keyboard commandos here in this forum cast a trashy light on an otherwise classy PNG school and community. PNG would be better off without you two making  fools of yourselves here. Remember PNG fans, you don't HAVE to act like Crosby. Be better than that! Hope everything is spelled correctly for you. 
    • I think it's time to quit pretending we don't have a country that is full of folks that are so weak and sensitive that they will choose the disaster we have now over what we had under Trump. Stop pretending our problems lie in the candidate, they don't, our big problem is with the voters...and it ain't getting better. Personally, I wouldn't want a candidate that the biden voters approve of. We're done, may take a while, but we're done.  
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